5 Guarantees A High Quality Remodeler Can Provide for Your Project

5 Guarantees A High Quality Remodeler Can Provide for Your Project

Mega Construction ProjectsWhile home remodeling can be stressful and uncertain, one of the most beneficial things you can do to make your remodel process smoother and more successful is to work with a high quality home remodeler. Top remodel contractors are not only more experienced and knowledgeable about their trade, they are also able to offer certain guarantees on their work and service that other less experienced contractors may not be able to offer.

Here we look at 5 major guarantees you can expect from a high quality remodel contractor, and how these guarantees can help ensure the smooth, safe and efficient progress of your remodel.

Health and Safety

While you might not think of health and safety as being an important part of your home remodel, it’s actually a crucial guarantee that a high-quality contractor can offer to both your family and the workers in your home. Firstly, expert contractors are always fully licensed, bonded and insured to protect their workers and to protect you from damage and excess costs. High-quality contractors also offer superior dust and dirt control methods during your remodel, and follow relevant health and safety regulations to keep your home as clean, healthy and safe as possible through the remodel process.

Price Guarantees

Some exemplary remodel contractors are able to go above and beyond the rest and actually offer remodel price guarantees on the entire project before the work has even begun. This locks in a price from the design stage, covering everything from products, materials and finishes to construction, with no nasty surprises when you get the invoice at the end of your project. Because experienced contractors know how much a project will cost them, unless you decide to change the project or external circumstances intervene, your price can be locked in from the start.

no-change-order-guaranteeChange Orders

Changes are a common feature of so many remodels, and often a source of stress and frustration for homeowners no matter the size of the project, from whole house remodels to even the smallest bathroom remodel. In the event that a change is unavoidable and must be made, top contractors will always provide change orders in writing to be signed by you, before going ahead with the changes, so you always understand what’s happening with your remodel.


The best remodel contractors are also able to provide the longest and most comprehensive warranties. While most contractors may offer a 1 or 2 year warranty, the highest quality contractors can offer 2, 4 or 10 year warranties on different aspects of the remodel project, because their work is designed to last.

Communication and Flexibility

Finally, a leading home remodeler can guarantee you the utmost in customer service and satisfaction, including appropriate and adequate communication and flexibility. Remodeling can be a difficult process, with workers coming in and out of your home all day, and rooms in your home being reduced to piles of rubble. But the effective and clear communication and flexible schedule that a premium remodel contractor offers makes this process so much easier to understand and work with.

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen, a bedroom or your entire house, the process of remodeling can involve unexpected challenges and sometimes surprising difficulties. By working with a high-quality home remodeler who provides certain guarantees for your remodel, you can have peace of mind that your remodel will progress smoothly, from the beginning of planning and design to completion of the project.