6 Strategies to Ensure You won’t Exceed Your Kitchen Remodel Investment Range

6 Strategies to Ensure You won’t Exceed Your Kitchen Remodel Investment Range

6 Strategies to Ensure You won’t Exceed Your Kitchen Remodel Investment Range

Experts suggest homeowners update their kitchen approximately every 20 years. Although you already have plans to give your home an upgrade, it can be difficult to work around a tight budget. But this should not stop you from having the kitchen of your dreams!

Would you like a kitchen that’s more conducive for cooking? Do you envision yourself cooking scrumptious meals in a stylish space? Any kitchen remodel is possible as long as you know where to focus your money.

Below are 6 strategies to make sure you stay within your kitchen remodeling budget:

1. Focus on lighting

6 Strategies to Ensure You won’t Exceed Your Kitchen Remodel Investment Range1

Proper lighting adds depth to any space in your home. Whether your current kitchen needs good lighting or you simply want to give yourself more options, using under-cabinet lights provide the room an updated look. Meanwhile, overhead lighting like pendants can make cooking easier on your eyes.

2. Updated Paint Color

Sometimes, all your kitchen needs is a fresh coat of paint. Changing the color of your kitchen cabinets or walls can transform the room without breaking the bank. Repainting the space can make it seem like an all-new room! Of course, it’s ultimately up to you but we suggest using light colors to make the room much bigger.

3. Create a spreadsheet

Keep track of your spending by using a spreadsheet. When you have an itemized account of everything you spend, avoiding unnecessary purchases is much easier. Also, a spreadsheet shows you where you’re spending the most funds and where you can cut back if needed.

4. Stay within your limits

Determine a specific budget and strictly stick with it. The first factor to identify your limit is your personal finances. You also need to consider the length of time you will be staying in the property (if you’re selling it soon) and the neighborhood you’re in. Avoid over-improving by referring to the style of your neighboring homes.

5. Expect the unexpected

It’s always good to prepare for the unexpected. Set aside at least 20% of your kitchen remodel budget in case any problem arises. Renovations can reveal different kinds of surprises such as rotten walls and floors, old electrical wiring, water leaks, and more. By preparing for this ahead of time, you won’t have a hard time dealing with it once it happens.

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6. Identify your priorities

There are parts in your kitchen that are more important than the others. Focus on those first before you move on to the less important ones. If your old kitchen cabinets are showing signs of damage, then you’ll need to set aside funds for a replacement first before getting that decorative molding you’ve been eyeing for months.

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