7 Kitchen Remodel Ideas that’ll Let the Light In


7 Kitchen Remodel Ideas that’ll Let the Light In

Kitchens are the best place to be imaginative and try new things. However, it can be challenging to get inspired and try new recipes if everything looks dull and dim. A kitchen remodel can create an inviting and comfortable kitchen, ensuring that the light can easily get in—and the rest will follow. Don’t let your dark kitchen get you down—here are some of the best kitchen remodeling ideas to brighten up your space.

1. Repaint cabinets with white or light hues.

Dark wooden cabinets may be the culprit behind your gloomy kitchen. You can freshen them up with a coat of bright white paint that will immediately change the dark tone of your space. To take it up a notch, you can update the hardware as well.

2. Use lights in dark corners.

Kitchens often have out-of-reach corners that are often left unused. Consider this clever lighting trick: put faux kitchen storage above those awkward areas and fill them with additional light fixtures.

3. Break up a dark floor with a white kitchen island.

Got a dark kitchen floor but no plans of replacing it soon? No worries—you can distract the eye from the shadowy base by installing a colored kitchen island in the middle. You can also add a neutral-colored carpet for a lighter feel.

4. Install a white backsplash or subway tiles for spaces under cabinets.

Spaces between your countertops and cabinets can get pretty dark, but you don’t always need extra lighting to fix that. Instead, you can add white tiles or coat existing backsplash in bright hues to light up those dim surfaces.

5. Break down walls.

If you’re planning a major kitchen remodel, it might be a good idea to knock down walls and open your space to the adjoining dining room. This gives you a feel of a bigger and more open space, as well as a smooth transition between your kitchen and other parts of the house. Plus, it offers an excellent opportunity to entertain your guests while whipping up delicious meals for them.


6. Transform recessed lights into pendant lights.

kitchen remodelAnother helpful tip for a kitchen remodel is bringing the lights closer than your ceiling. For instance, recessed lighting can turn into pendant lights. There are pendant light conversion kits available in local stores so you can have your very own pendant lighting for a fraction of the price.

7. Add lighter bulbs.

Be sure to check the wattage of your existing light bulbs. Are they 60 watts or below? If yes, then they are not bright enough. Experts suggest using at least 80 to 100 watts for a more illuminated kitchen area.

Kitchen Remodels Aren’t Supposed to be Complicated

The last place in the house where you’d want to see lousy lighting is the kitchen. After all, it’s the place where you have to handle sharp knives, fire, and other tools for cooking. While some homeowners might want a kitchen remodeling for a full transformation of their space, you can achieve the same effect even with just a few design tweaks. Follow the tips above for a brighter, more welcoming, and cozy kitchen all-year-round.