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Effective project management is critical for successful, on-budget home building and remodeling projects. Building Pros has taken its detailed project management system to the next level with the addition of an on-line project management and communication system, designed to prevent the home project nightmares we’ve all heard about. Check out our video to the right, then click the link below to see how we work with you to build your project.

All too typical construction horror story:

“We hired Bill (contractor). He was over budget, never showed up when he said he would, and we had a difficult time getting ahold of him. We thought we did our homework: we checked out his references, looked at a couple of projects he did, and we still had a miserable experience. He did get the project finished finally. We never want to put our family through that again. We are so glad it’s over!”

Sound familiar? Here’s the deal. Most licensed contractors can do the work. They all have the hammers, saws, levels, etc., for construction projects, but few have the tools to manage all the details involved in a remodeling/building project.

Building Pros avoids problems because:

We communicate with you throughout the project

We share our written work schedule with you

We provide clear, detailed selections and specifications with drawings and photos

We share details of the construction budget and cost with you

We use on-line management and communication system so you are always in the loop

We manage the construction process so your experience is enjoyable and fun

Building Pros mobile remodeling project app

Our On-Line Project Management System

Our unique on-line system enables us to stay in constant contact with you. Through this secure portal, you can review photos, view project calendars, see real time budgets, and send us messages. You are always connected to us because our communication tool is accessible via whatever mobile device you prefer: computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Through our extensive experience, we understand that the client experience is as important as the completed work. This is a key part of what separates us from our competition.

The Dream


Every client has a dream of what the final project will look like. The diagram below represents a typical husband and wife and their different ideas of what the completed project will look like. This is often where conflict can delay or stop a project. Our job is to work with everyone involved to reach a consensus on design and specifications,  while meeting budget, and building codes.

The Building Pros design-build process

Design Services

We do 90% of our designs “in-house”. The design process is where we do most of the VALUE ENGINEERING. This process involves working with our clients to get their needs met while designing within their budget.

Detailed Overview


Detailed list of scope of work, specifications, and quantities on every project. Communication is the key to every project. We break down “in detail” a list of every material part, labor from demolition, clean-up, framing, electrical plugs & switches by either hourly, square footage, lineal footage or quantity cost. Both Client and Building PROS know exactly what will go into each project. Our competition gives an EXCEL spreadsheet, no wonder you hear of mis-communications are common in construction!

On-line Communication


Our client based communication tool is built so that the clients, production manager, project lead can follow along with all of the many complexed details of your project. Even the simplest bathroom remodel can have 100’s of decisions and details that need to be tracked.

Schedule Updated Daily


Our schedule is written before the project starts, updated daily during construction and our clients can follow on-line to see the project progress.

The Execution

Danville Kitchen 2013


This project is right in our “Wheel House”. We started in 11/04/2013 and the clients enjoyed Christmas in their new Kitchen and Family room. The project included the removal of a structural wall between the Kitchen, Nook and Family room.

Clients needs:

  1. Larger Kitchen with island
  2. Larger Nook
  3. Open relationship Kitchen, Nook and Family room
  4. TV above existing fireplace with built-ins

What our clients say about our work

Home Remodeling

Building Pros is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 50 reviews from around the Web.

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