Bathroom Remodeling Tips: How to Choose the Right Fixtures

Bathroom Remodeling Tips How to Choose the Right Fixtures

Bathroom Remodeling Tips: How to Choose the Right Fixtures

Did you know that the bathroom is the most remodeled room in the house, followed by the kitchen? One of the reasons why homeowners love renovating this room in particular is due to the space; it’s much smaller than the kitchen, and therefore easier to manage. On top of that, there are a lot of high-quality bathroom fixtures available at low cost on the market, making any bathroom remodel budget-friendly.

Do you want to give your bathroom a much-needed update without flushing your funds down the toilet? Then here are some basic bathroom remodeling tips to help you:

1. Faucets

Today’s faucets are highly functional and provide great water efficiency. There are even newer faucets that have integrated ceramic disks. These help stop build-ups that could result in leakage, consequently translating to fewer leaks and better faucet durability.

When it comes to style, faucets can be mounted on the wall or fastened to the lavatory deck. Of course, the final location depends on how you want your faucet to look. Most modern homes right now have a cabinet against the wall along with a wall-delivery faucet for a surprisingly appealing effect.

2. Toilets

For most homeowners, taller toilets (16 to 18 inches in height) are more comfortable than the usual small toilet (14 to 15 inches high). Higher commodes also work great for individuals who require assistance (wheelchair or walker). However, bear in mind that the height might not suitable for homes with children who share the same bathroom.

If such is your case, you might want to stick to a lower seat.

What makes the task of choosing a toilet for your bathroom remodel more difficult is the full range of designs and colors in the market. What’s more, there are hundreds of water-efficient models that are available for purchase and installation at most any budget point.

3. Sinks

Bathroom Remodeling Tips How to Choose the Right Fixtures

If you have a powder room that needs a focal point, the vessel sink might be a great addition to your bathroom remodel. However, in a full master bath, you might want to choose an under-mounted and deeper sink with an arching faucet that can be easily operated using a single handle. How the sink works and how it looks all depends on you, the homeowner.

Do you want to save space? Then pedestal style sinks are the way to go. You can choose from rectangular, oval, or oblong shapes. For creative bathroom design, you also have a wide range of options in terms of materials.

4. Shower Fixtures

You can upgrade your bathroom with body sprayers that can massage your body or simply create a relaxing mist during a bath. Alternatively, you could get rain showerheads. They give you the sensation of standing under a waterfall, which consequently offers a lot of relaxing benefits.

Renovating any space can be quite difficult, but the bathroom typically throws you more challenges compared to other rooms in your home. There are several things to consider like fixtures, plumbing, and more … which is why a bathroom remodel is not for the faint of heart. But with the right expert advice, planning, and patience, you can successfully complete a bathroom renovation that will give your beloved home a stylish and updated look.

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