Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Storage Solution Ideas for Your New Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Tips Storage Solution Ideas for Your New Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Storage Solution Ideas for Your New Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you clean up–it’s only fitting to make it the neatest space in your home. This means it should be free from used towels, scattered electronics, and countertop clutter. In a similar way, keeping things organized after a bathroom remodel can be quite challenging but it’s totally doable.

Spruce up your new bathroom and keep daily essentials at your fingertips with these genius tips:

1. Install a picture ledge.

You can buy a slender picture ledge and use it for extra storage. Simply install one between your sink and bathroom mirror and rest your hand soap, lotion, hair products, scented candles, favorite perfume, and other small toiletries on top.

2. Use a storage ladder.

A ladder can be used to hang towels and baskets for extra toilet paper. Since it doesn’t protrude too much from your bathroom wall, it’s perfect for narrow areas.

3. Stack floating shelves.

If you need extra room for soap, décor, or towels, installing three stacked floating shelves is a good idea. You can also store extra toilet paper in a wire basket placed on top of the toilet.

4. Repurpose old cabinets.

A wall-mounted cabinet can do wonders for your next bathroom remodel, but it can be expensive. Instead of buying a new one, opt for a DIY version using an old cabinet.

5. Create cubbies with a tiered basket.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips Storage Solution Ideas for Your New Bathroom1Using a tiered basket, you can create different bathroom cubbies for your needs. One can store your nighttime essentials while the other can be for soap and towels.

6. Make a skinny alcove.

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel, leave room for a narrow alcove. It can be used for extra shelving to hold baskets with different items.

7. Use the top of the toilet.

Most people have bathrooms that are tight on floor space. The top of the toilet is a good spot because you can use it as an extra storage area.

8. Build a recessed shower shelf.

You can carve out a recessed shelf in your shower shelf if you’re in the process of a bathroom remodel. The shelf can hold soap and other toiletries you use when bathing.

9. Build a DIY storage step stool.

This tip is for parents who have step stools in the bathroom for their kids. You can create a dual-purpose step stool that not only helps your kids reach the sink but also serves as a storage place for their bath-time toys.

10. Reuse an old cake stand.

Do you have an old cake stand that has been collecting dust in your kitchen? Repurpose it into a storage stand for your hair products and shower accessories you’ve got around your bathroom sink.

Organizing after a bathroom remodel might be a not-so-fun chore but the task actually has a serious pay-off. Less clutter around means less stress for you and your family. It also makes getting ready in the morning much faster than it used to be. Whether you own a small bathroom or a huge one, these options will help you keep everything in order.

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