Child-Friendly Space – 6 Simple Kitchen Remodel Ideas

child-friendly kitchen remodel

Child-Friendly Space – 6 Simple Kitchen Remodel Ideas

For families with children and busy schedules, the kitchen is often the center of a vibrant home life. But creating a space that can accommodate everything from Sunday morning brunch to Play-Doh ground into the cabinets is tricky. Fortunately, a kitchen remodel can help make the most of your space. Use these 6 ideas to help you plan your home improvement project.

Is it Durable?

stone countertop for child-friendly kitchen remodelWhen planning your kitchen remodel, opt for materials that can withstand rough treatment from wee ones. Easy-to-clean surfaces that are resistant to chipping are key. Some materials, like stone, are more porous and prone to staining. And tile, while beautiful, isn’t terribly shock absorbent, meaning it’s more likely to crack if a Tonka Truck is slammed on it.

Unique Baby Gates

Crafted wooden baby gates are an alternative to those cheap generic models. They impart a more finished look, and installing one can add style to your kitchen, whereas plastic options often seem tacky. There are even DIY wooden barn door baby gates if you like a cozy, rustic design.

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Creative Kitchen Islands

Every parent knows that it’s important to keep kids safe while still fostering a sense of independence. A kitchen island can be designed as a snack bar for children learning about healthy eating habits. It’s just the right height for kids, and can be designed with kid-friendly storage options.

Homework Nook

If you have school-aged children, adding a cute homework nook to your kitchen remodel is a great way to foster habits for success that will serve them later on in life. Shelves and storage for school supplies can teach children how to stay organized. Plus, it’s convenient to have a designated space for assignments. Instead of walking down the hall to check on your kids, it allows you to answer homework questions while cooking dinner.

Open Floor Plans

open floor spaceIf you have a tiny kitchen, consider using your kitchen remodel as an opportunity to open up the floor plan to the adjacent room. Even a partial wall or cutout would create a more fluid living space, allowing people to interact even when they’re not necessarily in the same room.

Sliding Cabinet Doors

Sliding doors are one solution for children who frequently forget to close cabinet doors. If you’re tired of it looking like a tiny hurricane passed through your kitchen, swap out those swinging doors.

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