The Design-Build Series: Choosing A Design Build Contractor

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The Design-Build Series: Choosing A Design Build Contractor

If you have decided that design build construction is right for your remodel or construction project, it’s time to choose a design build remodel contractor. The ideal remodel contractor needs to be skilled in both design and construction in order to achieve the best results for your project. It’s also essential that your design build remodel contractor shares your vision for your new space and that you can communicate easily with them. A great design build remodel contractor doesn’t need a lot of advertising – their portfolio work and testimonials from previous satisfied clients will speak for themselves. Here we look at all the factors to keep in mind when choosing a design build contractor for your remodel project.

ask-about-design-construction - design build contractorAsk About Both Design and Construction

Your remodel contractor should be skilled in both effective design and safe construction if you are choosing a design build professional. One of the advantages of choosing a design build contractor is that you get the expertise of two professionals in one. However, it’s important to ensure that both their design and construction work is up to the standard you expect. Prepare the same sorts of questions to ask your design build contractor as you would ask both an architect or designer and a builder. Ask about both their design style and how they work as a construction business, such as what type of construction team they use, including subcontractors. Seeing a contractor’s portfolios with previous work can help in assessing the design and construction capabilities of your contractor.

See Their Portfolio

Seeing photographs and examples of past construction and design work can help establish a clearer idea of what your contractor will do with your space. Many design build contractors have a portfolio available on their website. Otherwise, you are always entitled to ask the contractor for photos or references of past completed projects.

Talk to Past Clients

In some cases, it can be advantageous to actually go and see the contractor’s past projects in person. Ask if the design build contractor is willing to give references of past clients. You can then contact these references and asked to inspect the work. This also allows you to ask previous clients direct questions about their experience with the design build contractor, as well as see their work for yourself.

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Research The Companyresearch-contractors

Before you take the plunge in hiring a design build contractor, it’s essential that you research the design build company. Check their licensing and insurance to make sure that you will be covered in the event of any issues with your project. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau or local consumer affairs agency to ensure no complaints have been brought against the contractor.

Evaluate Your Compatibility

You may be working with your design build contractor or design build team for an extended period of time. You will also be working together on a project that is close to your heart – your home. It’s important that you feel that you can effectively communicate with your remodel contractor and that you will be able to effectively work together to produce the result you want.

Choosing your ideal design build contractor is the first step in launching your remodel project. Use these tips to choose the right design build contractor for your needs and your project.