6 Family Room Addition Plans that Won’t Break the Bank

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6 Family Room Addition Plans that Won’t Break the Bank

Have you been considering family room addition plans, but worry that a room addition may cost too much? In the following article, we’ll share some home improvement ideas that can provide that extra space your family needs, at a price you can afford, so stay tuned.

Enclose Your Patio Area

A great way to add indoor family space is to enclose your patio area. It would take a little work to construct walls and a roof, but it’s not the most major remodeling job. Also, keep in mind a foundation would be necessary to add support for this new room.

Enclosing your patio area can add the extra square footage that your family needs. Remember that this space should be easily accessed from inside your home, and feel like a natural extension of your living space.

It’s Time to Finish that Unfinished Room

basement remodelPerhaps there are some spaces in your home that aren’t yet finished, like the basement. Such areas are generally not calculated along with the other square footage of a home. But once you finally finish a space, then it’s considered part of the overall square footage of a home. This can add to the monetary value of your property, as well as provide you with a nice extra family space that is both functional and comfortable. Of course, the best thing about this option is that you won’t have the extra cost of building a whole new structure to add to your house. You can just utilize some square footage that’s already there, but simply hasn’t been finished.

Convert the Garage

As far as family room addition plans go, you can also convert your garage. If you really aren’t using your garage much, then this is a terrific and cost-effective way to enjoy some extra family space in your home. And again, it’s thankfully not necessary to build the structure from scratch. It may be hard to imagine wanting to spend a lot of time there when you’re standing in your garage. It’s the place where most people tend to store junk. But you’ll be impressed by how much room it can add to your house once it’s remodeled.

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Transform the Attic

installing windows in an atticDo you have a stairway that leads to an attic that’s filled with stuff you’re not using? If this is the case, it’s time to have a yard sale or donate it to charity. Give that dusty attic a good cleaning and convert it into an amazing space for your family. Why not make the most of the space you have? Here’s another great opportunity to enjoy parts of your home that aren’t being used effectively.

That Extra Bedroom

And what about that spare bedroom you keep for guests? How often is it really used? You may find that it’s ideal for your family room addition plans. You can always include a sofa or loveseat that pulls out into a bed for when you do have guests. This is a terrific way to add some extra family living space, like an entertainment room, without spending a lot of money.

Do You Really Use the Dining Room?

When you’re on a tight budget but you really need some extra space, consider using your dining room for those family room addition plans. These days, many people have large kitchens that can accommodate a table. If this is the case, you really don’t need a whole room dedicated to dining. Kitchens are warm and cozy, so it’s really no sacrifice to give up your dining room to turn it into a more practical space.

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Family Room Addition Plans

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