The Design-Build Process Step 1: What Is Design Build?

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The Design-Build Process Step 1: What Is Design Build?

When it comes to a new home remodel, every homeowner wants the best in both design and construction. Whether you’re planning a kitchen or bath remodel, or even a whole home remodel, a seamless transition between the design and the building process is essential. This usually involves extensive communication and liaison between the homeowner, the designer and the contractor, but what if your designer and builder were the same team or even the same person? It’s easy to see that this would make the remodel process a lot easier. Here we delve deeper into what design build really is, and why you should choose a design build contractor for your next remodel.

defining design buildDefining Design Build

Design build is defined as a process where both the design and building phases of a project are completed by a single entity, whether that is one contractor or one team. This allows the homeowner to work with just one contractor or team through the entire remodel process, from concept to finished home. Design build is an alternative to the design bid build process, where designers, architects and builders are split into separate entities and separate contracts. A design build contractor provides the advantage of offering just one point of contact throughout the remodel process, for simpler and more streamlined communication.

Should You Choose Design Build?

There are a number of excellent benefits to choosing a design build contractor for your next remodel project. Firstly, a design build contractor is a one stop shop for your entire remodel project from the moment you first envision your project, until the final finish. This allows you to effectively communicate the vision for your new remodel with ease.

With a design build contractor, one entity handles your project from planning to construction. This means there is less chance for miscommunication or errors to occur between the design stage and the building phase. A design build contractor is great to work with because you can discuss what will really work in your space from a design-build-disadvantages - home remodelspatial and design point of view, and understand how the final result will look from the first consultation.

Because a single design build entity is responsible for the entire project from design to completion, design build minimizes risks for the homeowner and saves time and money, ensuring the smooth scheduling and completion of the project.

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Are There Disadvantages to Design Build?

Design build is ideal for all types of remodels, from kitchen remodels to bathroom remodels to whole house remodels. There are no real disadvantages to design build remodeling, however, there may be situations where you might prefer to work with a designer or contractor individually. If you want to work with a particular unique designer or builder on their own, you may need to use the design bid build process for your remodel.

Choosing a design build contractor for your next project allows you to receive individualized attention for your remodel from the planning stage to completion of your dream home. Working with just one expert design build contractor helps to guarantee an outstanding result, making the most of your remodel investment and ensuring a smooth and easy remodel process.