The Design Build Series: Developing Ideas for Your Remodel

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The Design Build Series: Developing Ideas for Your Remodel

Once you have decided to transform your home with a new remodel, it’s time to brainstorm and develop ideas for your new remodel. While homeowners often have many ideas about what they want in a remodel, putting these ideas onto paper and turning them into plans can be more of a challenge. However, this process is essential in order to communicate to your remodel contractor your ideas and inspiration for your new space. Here we look at the process for developing and shaping your remodel ideas and inspiration, and turning them into more formalized plans as the design build process progresses.

Building Pros custom kitchen beforeLook At What’s Not Working

One of the easiest ways to start thinking about what you what to change in your home is to look at what’s not working. Is your kitchen too dark, small and cramped? Decor looking shabby and out of date? Bathroom too busy or crowded? Taking note of the aspects of your home that create problems can help provide inspiration about what you can change. Consider what it is you would like to change about an area of your home, whether it’s structure, style, design or layout, and make a note of this. It can be useful to discuss your thoughts with another member of the household or a friend.

If you know something’s not right but can’t pinpoint the problem, ask your design build contractor to have a walkthrough of your home to help you identify problem areas and discuss what can be improved.

Get Inspiration

Sometimes you know you want a change, but you can’t figure out what you should change. Interior design blogs, remodeling websites and the portfolio of your design build contractor can be great resources to help get your creative juices flowing and provide inspiration for your new remodel.

For a more specific perspective, ask your local remodel contractor for before and after pictures or references of past projects where you can go see in person the results of quality design build remodeling.

Do Your Research

Remodeling a home is a big project, whether it’s a whole house remodel, kitchen update or a bathroom remodeldo your research while planning a remodel - remodel contractor. It’s critical to do your research thoroughly beforehand to ensure you get your remodel right the first time. Consulting design resources, documenting your ideas and discussing them with a professional helps you to be more thorough in your remodel research to ensure you get your remodel right the first time.

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Talk To A Design Build Contractor

As an expert in remodel design and construction, your design build contractor is an excellent resource for remodel ideas and planning. Having a remodel contractor visit to your home for an inspection and planning session can help you identify remodel ideas that specifically fit your space and style.

Properly developing and brainstorming your ideas is essential part of planning the remodel of your dreams. Work with your design build remodel contractor to find the right plans to fit your space and your vision to achieve your ideal remodel.