The Design-Build Series – Step 10: Working with your Contractor during your Design Build

Contractor discussing options with a client in a kitchen - home remodel

The Design-Build Series – Step 10: Working with your Contractor during your Design Build

The relationship between a client and contractor is very important during the design build process – home remodel. Communication and understanding on the job site are just as important as hammers and hard hats. Communication, good or bad between you, the client and your contractor can make the difference between satisfaction and disappointment. Here we will explore how to use communication to your benefit, and ensure a positive relationship and experience for you and your contractor.

Establish a Timeline

As the client, you want a specific design to fit your budget, personality, and preference. Rest assured, a premium contractor wants to make your design build a reality in a timely and practical fashion. As obvious as it may seem, starting off with a sound plan and path to complete your design build allow for organization, structure, and eventually peace-of-mind for you and your contractor. Have specific goals and requests for your timeline and initiate the conversation with the contractor by asking questions. Most likely, you are not a home remodel expert, but luckily, your contractor is and a premium contractor will not have any issue answering your questions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Homeowner asking her contractor a question

Ask your Contractor for Advice

As mentioned earlier, your contractor is an expert in home remodel, and you should use that knowledge to your advantage. Should you stay in your home during the remodel? Which materials are best to use for certain areas of the home? Which materials are more efficient or cost effective? What are the common issues that delay a design build timeline? All of these questions will be answered by a premium contractor. By asking questions, you will gain understanding of the process, and your contractor will appreciate your respect for his or her knowledge.

Offer your Assistance

To be clear, no one, especially your contractor expects you to put on a hard hat and start taking measurements. You can assist and support the process without ever getting your hands dirty. Ask your contractor about staying in your home or leaving, or perhaps ask specifically when it would be a good time to leave your home for a day or a longer period of time. Ask about the items in your home that should be removed before remodel begins because they may be damaged or may be a disruption to the remodel. Offer or request a day and a time to meet with your contractor on a regular basis to discuss your timeline and any issues that might arise in the design build process.

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Allow Yourself to be Understanding

A home remodel project is a large financial, mental, and sometimes, emotional investment for clients and contractors. A premium contractor will value your satisfaction work to deliver tirelessly to make your home remodel a success. Do not be offended if your contractor is not at your home daily, or if your contractor does not always immediately answer or respond to your communications. More than likely, your contractor has several different areas to cover in your project, and is involved in other projects. A premium contractor will have a firm communication policy, and will respond to you in a timely and respectable fashion.