The Design-Build Series – Step 12: Following up After Your Design Build

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The Design-Build Series – Step 12: Following up After Your Design Build

Nothing is more satisfying than reaching the end of your remodel and enjoying your new space. The months of hard work and collaboration between you and your design build contractor have come to completion, and you finally have your dream home. The end of the building and construction phase however, is not the end of the remodel process.

Conduct A Walkthrough with Your Contractor

The last official phase of a design build remodel is a walkthrough with the remodel contractor to inspect the finished space. This provides you with an opportunity to review your vision and to see how it has come to reality in your remodel.

The walkthrough is a chance for you, as the homeowner, to inspect the remodel with your contractor and ensure that everything you wanted to accomplish has been done. This important step is an opportunity to assess the cleanliness of the space and any damage done to your remodel in the process of the contractors moving out of your home. Quality design build contractors are sure to maintain the highest level of cleanliness not only throughout the remodel process, but in the final cleanup and move out, so that your home is ready for you to enjoy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Understand How to Look After Your New Fittings and Appliances

Your new home remodel is full of new appliances and fittings that may be unfamiliar to you. This is especially true in bathroom remodels or kitchen remodels.

Once your remodel has been finished, your contractor can guide you through how to operate and maintain any of the new fixtures and appliances you may have. The contactor can also help you to understand how to use and care for any new or innovative features of your new home.

It is important to register warranties for any of your new appliances as necessary, so you are protected against early damage or failure. In some cases, your contractor may take care of this for you.

Consider Your Warranties and Guarantees

Warranties on your appliances and fittings may not be the only guarantees associated with your design build. Premium design build remodel contractor also offer warranties on the work done in your home.  Reassurance that the quality design and construction work you have invested in will allow for extreme satisfaction in the years to come.

Discuss with your remodel contractor the details of any warranties or guarantees they offer. For your peace of mind, premium contractors offer 2, 4 or 10 years limited extended warranties on various aspects of your remodel. It’s important to keep a record of these warranties and the contact details of your remodel contractor so you can follow up in the future of issues arise.

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Protect Your New Remodel

Moving into your new remodel can be a very exciting time, however it is also a time when your new remodel can sustain damage. Be careful when moving furniture or perhaps enlist the help of a professional service to ensure your new walls and floors are kept safe. Nothing is more disappointing than finishing off your brand-new remodel only to have it damaged during the move in, or in the first few months of living. As the months go by after your remodel, ensure you take steps to protect your new flooring, walls, countertops, cabinets, fittings and finishes.

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Stay in Touch with Your Contractor

After your remodel, stay in contact with your contractor. Most premium remodel contractors will try to stay in touch with you in the months following a remodel to assess how your new space is performing.

It’s also important to stay in touch with your contractor in case any issues arise. Using a high-quality contractor avoids the risk that any problems will occur with your remodel. However, you never know when the unexpected will happen, so keep in touch with your contractor to let them know how your new remodel is progressing.

Reaching the end of the remodel process is an exciting time. As you move into your new space, be sure you know how to protect and care for it, and stay in touch with your contractor to maintain your outstanding remodel into the future.