The Design-Build Series – Step 9: Managing The Design Build Process In Your Home

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The Design-Build Series – Step 9: Managing The Design Build Process In Your Home

A home remodeling can create a stressful and difficult living environment. The decision to move out during your remodel can at times be the best option to aid your comfort and quality of living. The decision to stay in your home during the remodel can figuratively and literally make life a little messy. As a homeowner, actively participating in the design build remodel process can help actualize your remodel goals. Having an open-ended dialogue with your contractor will often result in satisfaction for both parties. Knowing what to expect and planning accordingly can avoid frustration and create comfortability in your home. Here are some considerations to be made if you want to feel more at home during home remodeling.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Safety First

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Living in a remodel can be dangerous. Part of managing a remodel is ensuring that vulnerable members of your home such as children, elders and pets are safe during this process. Infants and toddlers should be monitored constantly. Children old enough to be aware of the remodel and elders need to know which areas of the home are off limits and which areas of the house are safe and cleared for use. Pets are to be kept away from the action, and you should consider boarding them or having them stay with a relative or friend.

Set Up Living Space

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Your home might not be universally accessible throughout your home remodeling, so be sure to discuss the needs of your family with your contractor before, and during the remodeling. Setting up the living space prior to your remodel will establish the areas where you will conduct necessary activities of daily living without being affected by the remodel work. It is important to set up clean spaces to prepare food, to eat, to work and to relax while at home. Find an area in your home clear of the remodel area and relatively quiet for your privacy and sanity. Often overlooked, do not forget to make necessary arrangements if the kitchen or bathroom in your home is being remodeled.

Manage Dust, Noise and Schedule

The first phase of a remodel is usually the busiest, the noisiest and the messiest. During this time, large amounts of dust may be released into your home and a great amount of noise can be made. Make sure that your Contractor uses a mechanical dust control filtration system along with multiple layers of plastic and floor and wall protection. A good Contractor will spend 10% to 15% of his time during the remodel maintaining dust and protection systems.

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Choosing the right schedule for your home remodeling relies on regular communication between you and your contractor. High-quality contractors will coordinate ways to manage dust levels and noise for a more comfortable and healthier remodel process. Organizing work at a time that is convenient for your family and your contractor will be essential to your living experience and your relationship with the contractor.

Communicate Regularly

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Regular communication with your contractor is an essential aspect of managing your remodel. Do not expect your contractor to be at your home every day. Your contractor will need to deal with many off-site tasks, including managing subcontractors, organizing deliveries and disposing of construction materials. Stay up to date on the progress of your remodel by asking questions. Inquire about changes or difficulties, and confirm the timeline and schedule of your project. Premium remodel contractors will be receptive to communications and offer easy ways to stay in touch with you. Reach out to request real time, in person meetings, make regular phone calls and send e-mails to effectively touch base with your contractor.

Choosing to stay in your during the design build remodel process can change your day-to-day life but that does not mean your quality of life and happiness will suffer. Like most processes, it is important to be prepared and manage expectations during your home remodel. Proper planning, communicating, and compromising will be useful tools ensuring your satisfaction as you become closer to achieving your remodel goals.