Guide: 5 Steps to Planning Your Spring/Summer Home Addition in 2018

Planning your summer home remodel

Guide: 5 Steps to Planning Your Spring/Summer Home Addition in 2018

Planning your home addition should be a careful process, after all, you can’t just tack on an extra room to your house without adequate preparation. If you’re planning a home addition in Spring/Summer, 2018 here are the five steps you should take for an outstanding result.

1.   Choose Your Addition Style

If you’ve only just started thinking about planning your home addition, the first step is going to be exploring all your options and deciding what style of home addition you would prefer. Home additions or room additions are usually chosen to add more space to a home. But, they are not the only way to make a home more spacious. An option to remodeling your home is to create a more open living design, to add walls, or create a new bedroom or bathroom from the existing space. Room additions are the only bona fide way to add square footage to your home, but they may not be the only option if you want to add more space, so be sure to talk options over with your contractor.

2.   Find Your Contractor

Early into your home addition process, you’re going to want to find the contractor you will work with. You should look for an experienced design-build contractor with outstanding guarantees and reviews, and has the latest technology such as 3D design. Take your time to understand how your contractor works, their communication style, and the assurances they provide to ensure your making the right choice.

3.   Plan the Build Process

room additionOnce you’ve got your initial brainstorming done and your contractor on-board, it’s time to really start planning your home addition. Decide whether you’re going to build up or build out (or if you have basement space, you might even be able to build down). The design style, shape, and proportions should not only match your ideas and needs, but should also match the existing style of the home. Working with a design-build contractor can be most useful at this stage as they can help guide your room addition plans from a design perspective, while also understanding what will work for your home from a construction point of view. Your contractor can prepare you for what to expect from the demolition, building, and finishing phases of your room addition.

4.   Choose Materials, Fixtures, and Fittings

Most room additions are required to match the existing home structure because it will make the room additions look better. As part of the room addition process, you will choose the materials, fittings, finishes, color scheme and other characteristics to ensure that your home addition meets your needs and matches your current design.

5.   Complete Your Addition

Once you finish the planning and design, it is time to start your room addition. Your contractor will work with you to advise whether you should stay at home or move out during the demolition and construction phase. An efficient contractor will communicate throughout the room addition process and keep you up to date as your home addition dreams become a reality.

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If you’re planning a home addition to add more space and value to your home this Spring/Summer, keep in mind these five steps for a successful process.