Home Remodeler Approved Checklist for Fall Repairs and Improvements

Home Remodeler Approved Checklist for Fall Repairs and Improvements

Home Remodeler Approved Checklist for Fall Repairs and Improvements

Fall is the most ideal time to take care of various home repair and improvement tasks. While it may be one of the busiest times for a home remodeler or homeowners getting ready for winter, it’s also the perfect period to make changes to your home before the cold months kick in.

Do you want to keep your home in excellent condition all year round? Below is a home remodeler approved checklist to help you.

1. Repaint your front door.

One of the simplest projects you can do for home improvement is painting your front door. Not only can this task be finished quickly, but it can also make your property stand out. Fall is often the best time to do this–just choose an afternoon when the weather is good.

Exterior painting should be done when the temperatures are around 50 degrees and no lower than 40 degrees in the evening. This lets the paint adhere properly and keeps it from freezing up before it dries.

2. Replace windows.

Investing in window replacements is hit-or-miss. Windows are often costly to replace and if you plan to sell your home in the future, the change is not really noticeable to potential buyers. If your windows are so poorly insulated or seriously damaged that your utility bills are skyrocketing, fall is the best time for you to get new ones.

3. Repair the deck.

Home Remodeler Approved Checklist for Fall Repairs and Improvements1A deck adds value and beauty to any home – but it’s only as good as its condition. If the wood starts to splinter, the rails start to shake, or if you see a fading finish, it’s time to call an expert home remodeler. There may be instances where you have to completely replace your deck, so make sure you’re financially prepared for any construction expenses. Just remember to get a building permit for those kinds of projects.

4. Schedule an exterior power-washing service.

Not all homes need serious repairs or a repainting job. Some just need to be cleaned for them to look new and fresh again. Before the winter months begin, you can go DIY and use a power washer for your exterior. Avoid spraying water in a direction that forces it under shingles or behind the siding. For better results, home remodelers advise having this task done by a professional.

5. Weather-proof your home.

Windows and doors should be sealed against the elements through caulking or weather-stripping. By using these materials, you can keep the heat in and the nasty weather out. Chipping, cracked or damaged seals results to a significant indoor heat loss and a spike in energy bills. Make sure all windows and doors are attached to their frames firmly with no cracks or gaps.

The good news is most of the tasks mentioned above are well within the ability of an average person. However, in case you decide to have a home remodeling professional handle them, it’s definitely worth the added cost. You’ll save time and money, and maybe even your own life. In any case, just remember to follow these home remodeler approved tips for a safer, more comfortable, and aesthetically-pleasing home.