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 For luxury bathroom remodeling and professional renovation ideas in the Danville area, look no further. Building Pros promises stress-free bathroom makeovers.

Most homeowners don’t realize the difference a new bathroom can make until they experience a bathroom remodel for themselves. Boost the comfort and functionality of your home with a custom bathroom design. At Building Pros, we love taking a dated room and creating something stylish in its place. Whatever the size of your project, our remodeling company offers comprehensive design services, and affordable, transparent pricing to make your bathroom remodel as easy as possible.

When you’re ready for a home renovation, we can help you turn a boring bathroom into a space to unwind at the end of a long day.

A Better, Brighter, Bolder Bathroom For You

Despite our best efforts at upkeep, bathrooms have the unfortunate tendency to deteriorate over time. Moisture, mold, and soap scum can really age a bathroom. This is part of the reason why bathroom remodels are one of the most popular home renovation projects.

But if you’ve never planned a bathroom remodel before, where do you start?

With us! At Building Pros, our remodeling company goes the extra mile to ensure your home renovation is entirely your own. We use our experience and resources to develop a remodeling plan that’s based on your dream space.

Custom remodeling and renovation is our specialty. From cabinets to shower installations and structural work, our team can transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis that enhances your home. Classy, comfortable, or contemporary—the design options are endless! Contact us today to get started on your own custom bathroom remodel.

Total Transparency.

At Building Pros, we value transparency. Our approach? Clear, consistent communication, online schedules, and daily project updates—the whole nine yards. We also make it a point to discuss all costs with you. This way, the only surprise waiting for you is experiencing your new space for the first time.

Clean & Fast.

At Building Pros, we're the tidiest bathroom remodeling team around! You’ll always find us uniformed, prepared, and 100% professional while in your home. Between HEPA dust filters, zipwalls, and ample floor and wall protection, we always make sure that your home is respected and your project is completed with as little inconvenience as possible.

Outstanding Reputation.

We encourage you to read our reviews and online testimonials. Alternatively, you can call us for references and pictures of finished projects. A full 20% of Building Pros’ business comes from repeat customers—the ultimate compliment.


The cost of your bathroom will vary based on a few important factors:

Project Scope

Fixture Cost & Quality

Material Cost & Quality

Bathroom Size

Cabinetry Cost & Quality

Layout/Structural Changes (if any)

custom bathroom remodeling by building pros in Danville

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When you’re ready to get started on a home renovartion, we’ll give you a detailed estimate of your total bathroom remodel costs—including the scope of work, a list of materials, specifications, and quantities, before we move forward. We guarantee total transparency: no hidden costs, zero unexpected fees, no surprises. 

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Choosing a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

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