The Design Build Series – Step 6: Planning the Design Build Process

planning the design-build process

The Design Build Series – Step 6: Planning the Design Build Process

You’ve worked with your design build contractor and settled on a design plan for your new dream remodel. Now it’s time to launch into the beginning stages of the actual remodel process. Just as it’s important to plan the design of your new remodel, it’s also crucial to plan the way your remodel will unfold. The remodel process can be busy, stressful and involve constant change. Being organized and prepared with an appropriate plan helps you stay on top. Your professional contractor will also help facilitate and guide you through much of this process. Here we look at what’s involved in remodel construction planning.

plan your design-build project's budget accordinglyBudget

Now that you have your design plans finalized and many of the details of your remodel confirmed, it’s helpful to reevaluate your budget. Your initial budget may have been little more than a guess. But by this point in the remodel process you should have a much clearer idea of what your investment will be. It’s also good to leave some room in the budget for add-ons as your remodel progresses. Remodelers are often surprised by how quickly a remodel budget can grow. Speak with your design build contractor about how to leave allowances in your budget and plan appropriately for the work you need.


Scheduling is a very important aspect of the design build remodel project that’s often overlooked. It’s essential that you discuss with your design build contractor the time line in which you would like your remodel to be completed, as well as when construction workers and subcontractors can gain access to your home to work. It’s important to be open minded and realistic. Quality remodel and construction work takes time. Try to leave some extra time after your planned completion date in case things run over schedule. Maintain excellent communication with your design build contractor. They will also be coordinating the team of contractors and subcontractors who will be working on your home, so ensure you discuss the timing and schedule of each step in the process. The coordination and convenience provided by working with a single entity is one of the greatest advantages of working with an experienced and capable design build contractor.


Ensuring you have the right permits for all the work you will do during your remodel is absolutely Design Build Processessential. Work that is done without a permit may be faulty or unsafe. You may even be required to pull it down or replace it.

The permit process can be confusing to homeowners or first time remodelers. Almost all work performed on a home requires a permit, and certainly everything that is done during the process of remodeling will require permitting. The good news is that when you’re working with a licensed design build contractor, they will help secure the appropriate permits for you. You may be required to do nothing more than to simply check the permit process has been completed, and leave the rest to your professional contractor.

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Work with your contractor to finalize the paperwork for your remodel, including the work contract. Keep written records of everything you and your contractor discuss. Paperwork accrued throughout the remodel, such as change orders, should be filed safely.

Properly preparing for your remodel, communicating with your contractor and staying organized and up to date with good records throughout your remodel process ensures a smoother and easier remodel for you and your contractor.