The Design-Build Series – Step 8: Starting Your Design Build Project

The Design-Build Series – Step 8: Starting Your Design Build Project

Now you have your remodel plan, your high-quality remodeling contractors, and your choice of materials and fittings picked out, it’s time to start your design build remodel. Now you’ll see the old form of your home removed, and the groundwork laid for developing your new vision. It can be an exciting time, but also confronting as you see your old home being removed. This installment takes you through the general outline of the beginning of the design build remodel construction process.

welcoming-your-contractorsWelcoming Your Remodeling Contractors

When construction begins, it’s time to welcome the remodel professionals into your home. This is a great opportunity to begin discussions about scheduling, hours of work, how the construction process will progress, and what you and your family can expect from the remodel process. It can be helpful at this time to give your contractors an ‘orientation’ to your home. This can include who lives there, whether there are children and pets, and any other important information. Ensuring that you communicate effectively from the beginning of your remodel means a smoother and easier construction process.

Setting Up Communication

Before work has even started it can be good to set up and confirm communication channels. This helps you and your contractor stay in touch throughout the remodel process. Premium remodeling contractors offer online communication options so you can easily stay in touch and keep an eye on your remodel whenever, and wherever.

Demolishing The Old Space

Seeing the old section of your home be demolished can be bittersweet. But it’s always exciting to think of demolishing your old space before the new is built - remodeling contractorswhat’s coming next. At this point in the remodel process, the serious work in your home is starting. You may be beginning to see just what it will be like to stay in your home during your remodel. Many homeowners intend to live in their homes during a remodel without realizing how loud, dusty and crowded it can get. It’s good to keep this in mind, particularly before you even start a remodel. Although high-quality remodeling contractors go above and beyond to make living in your remodel as comfortable and safe as possible, it’s important to consider that moving out of your home during a remodel can be better for you and the contractor.

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Adjusting to Remodel Life

As your remodel gets underway, you and your family will learn better how to adjust to living in a remodel. It can’t be emphasized enough how important communication is in the beginning of the remodel process. Your contractor won’t know your expectations unless you tell them, and it’s a chance for your contractor to voice theirs as well. This helps to set the stage for a happy, productive and smooth remodel.

Starting the construction stage of the design build remodel process involves adjusting to work being done in your home, and accommodating your new contractor. The excitement begins as your new remodel starts, but you also need to get used to the constant noise, dust and work being done. Getting your remodel started off on the right foot with a qualified and professional design build contractor helps to make beginning your remodel easier and more stress free.