8 Trendy Bathroom Remodel Ideas in 2020

8 Trendy Bathroom Remodel Ideas in 2020

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, this is a great opportunity for you to give it a fresh contemporary look and rebuild your space in the most creative way. From simple, elegant details, to jazzy bathtubs and showers, these are some of the latest bathroom remodel ideas 2020 has to offer.

Brass and Gold Touches

Gold is the go-to color for elegance. Gold and brass finishings on your sinks, vanities, mirrors, showers, or bathtubs, can create a luxuriant, modern ambiance in your bathroom.

Modern Marble Effects

Marble, being a natural stone, forms a unique material with one-of-a-kind patterns and colors. It gives any space a glamorous and contemporary feel, and your bathroom is no exception. You can use natural solid marble for your vanity, marble tiles for the walls or flooring, or choose a marbelized wallpaper to create the same effect for less.

Elegance in Black and Grey

Bathroom remodel ideas 2020 is trending with elegance. Notably, dark color palettes are gaining in popularity and becoming a bold statement look for homeowners. In years prior, black was seen as too dramatic, but it shows sophistication when it’s balanced by brighter details. These can be gold details, white tiles, or even a window that lets the sun brighten the room.

Textured and Shaped Tiles

Now that we have new manufacturing possibilities, it’s more common to find creative and exotic tile designs on the market. These tiles are interesting and unique on their own, so there’s no need to add extra color or details to them. Covering an accent wall with tile is one of the modern bathroom remodel ideas 2020 has made popular. It’s simple and adds a fun splash of texture.

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Big Open Showers

If you have the extra space, why not add an open shower to your bathroom remodel design? This trend is visually attractive and provides a pampered, spa feeling to your bathroom. You just need some big, fluffy towels to go along with your new shower.

Minimalist Design

One of the most popular bathroom remodel ideas 2020 has promoted is the use of minimalism in design. We see simple yet elegant and sophisticated bathrooms that we immediately fall in love with. The secret behind them is the creative use of space and functionality. In this trend, light plays a big role, too. Choose your favorite natural materials, finishings, and integrated lighting to make a statement in your bathroom.

Futuristic Design

We’re living in a world where tech is becoming increasingly more integrated into our lives, and there are new advances all the time. It’s now possible to add smart features to every room in your living space. Smart bathrooms are being designed with high-tech toilets, and other elements to make our homes more comfortable and modern. It’s only a matter of time before tech-everything is the new norm.

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Color Accents

Just like black and grey palettes are increasing in popularity, natural shades with a specific color accent are also a strong upcoming trend. Creating small details with the color of your choice can help you set a mood and dramatically change the vibe of your bathroom.

More Bathroom Remodel Ideas 2020

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