Understanding Warranties Offered By Home Remodelers

Understanding Warranties Offered By Home Remodelers

Understanding Warranties Offered By Home Remodelers

Many people see their home as the most expensive purchase they have ever made. That’s why it’s no surprise why homeowners who are planning a remodel are interested in warranties, which promise to replace or repair certain parts of the home if needed within a certain period of time.

The Federal Trade Commission says that if you are considering a home warranty, it’s very important to know what it covers. You also need to understand how to properly make a claim, as well as the process for resolving any dispute that may come up between you and the warranty company or the home remodeler.

Defining Warranties

Most home remodeling warranties are backed by the contractor. In other cases, the home remodeler purchases the warranty from an independent company that assumes responsibility for claims. In still other cases, it’s the contractors who are required to purchase a third-party warranty.

In addition, there are some people who pay for additional coverage from other third-party warranty companies, on top of the warranty coverage provided by their remodeler. These warranties all have one goal: to protect the homeowners and their investment during and after a remodel.

What to Look for in a Warranty

Understanding Warranties Offered By Home Remodelers1You need to find a contractor who is willing to go above and beyond the basic requirements. Search for companies that offer clients at least a two-year warranty when required by the law. Most expert remodeling companies are willing to provide customers with much longer warranties–sometimes even as long as five to ten years on labor–to keep up with the competition.

It’s also a good sign when remodeling companies offer a warranty longer than one year on certain parts. Reliable remodeling companies only purchase parts that are of high quality and hire reputable subcontractors with their own extended warranties.

Don’t be surprised, though, if a contractor in California offers you a 10-year structural warranty and 2-year warranty for latent defects. These are mandated by the California State License Board (CSLB), and just another way to ensure that you get the best quality work for your remodel.

Expect longer warranties to come with a few exclusions, though. For instance, a five-year labor warranty may have a shorter warranty on subcontractors, parts, etc.

Signs of a Bad Warranty

Generally, a standard warranty comes with a guarantee to fix any work discovered to be faulty within one year after the project has been completed. But here is what’s not included in a basic one-year warranty: the labor or work is covered but not the faulty appliances or parts.

Specialized work like drywall, stone masonry, or painting is done by subcontractors hired by remodeling companies. A standard warranty may not cover the work of subcontractors. Also, take note that if anyone other than the original contractor tries to repair faulty construction–even in an emergency–the warranty will be voided.


Warranties are only as reliable as the contractor you have hired. That’s why it’s important to consider reputation and trust before choosing a professional who will be in charge of your remodel. In addition, there has to be a solid contract and proper insurance, bonding, and licensing.

A reliable remodeler should have no issues offering several references who can vouch for the quality of work you can expect. Be sure to contact not only recent references but also clients who had work done several years ago.