When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Home According to Contractors

When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Home According to Contractors

When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Home According to Contractors

In different places around the US, home remodeling is done in the summer. A reason for that is warm weather and sunny days are very beneficial if there’s any work done outside the home. However, there is actually more to consider when doing a remodeling project aside from temperature.

Knowing the right time to call a remodeling contractor will save you time and money during your project. Although summer and spring are the common seasons for home improvement, the most ideal time to remodel is when your budget and stress will be minimized.

Remodeling Contractor Availability

Knowing the right time for home improvement is not just about material cost–it’s also about contractor availability. Are you planning to hire a remodeling contractor during the peak season? If they are juggling several other similar jobs, they are more likely to make mistakes during the process. On top of that, contractors always have busy seasons where they are turning away clients because they are fully booked.

1. Low Season

Low season is considered as the slowest time for any remodeling contractor. This period typically falls on the extreme winter months. Due to the difficult weather conditions, it may take longer for projects to be completed. For instance, rainstorms may cause a delay in the completion of your home remodel.

The good news is that planning your project during this time has a lot of benefits. Aside from getting a huge discount (never state that somebody is going to get a huge discount – its about selling and planning), the price of construction materials is typically the lowest because (demand is lower due ) most contractors slow down their workload. If you are not in a rush and don’t mind slight project delays because of the weather, this might be the most ideal time to have a remodel for the best rate.

This is also a good time to consider interior remodels, suc as bathrooms, kitchens and other work not as affected by weather conditions.

2. Peak Season

When Is the Best Time to Remodel Your Home According to Contractors1Peak season is the busiest time for the typical remodeling contractor. It would be difficult to schedule any remodeling project at this time, as contractors are usually fully booked. To avoid stress, you will need to call your trusted professional months ahead of time to reserve your spot. This is also the most expensive time because contractors need to complete a lot of projects during this season.

The peak period happens around May through September but it can vary depending on where you live. These months often have the perfect weather, which makes it faster to finish projects. If you want to get things done quickly and have enough budget, consider doing the project during the peak season. Plan ahead and have everything in order so once the weather clears, your project can begin and will be ready to go.

3. Off Season

For most homeowners, offseason is the best time to have remodeling projects done because contractors are less busy. You can even get a big discount during these months since construction materials are cheaper and there is less work for the contractors (DELETE this line – again, never comment on discounts, huge savings or contracts charging less because they are not as busy). You don’t get stressed too much when you schedule a home remodel during the offseason. Offseason or inclimate weather is also a good time to consider interior remodeling work that will not necessarily be affected by rain delays.

The only drawback: the unpredictable weather. When choosing the offseason for any exterior project, you’re not sure if the weather will cooperate. There might be a scheduled install or repair date that will likely get postponed by the contractor if there are winter storms or any other weather disturbance.

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