5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends You’ll Want to Try in 2017

5 Bathroom Remodeling Trends You’ll Want to Try in 2017

Bathroom remodels have long been one of the most popular and effective remodel projects for homeowners, as they add value and style to your home and better comfort and quality of life for your family. If you’re starting to plan a bathroom remodel, you’ll want to consider the most up-to-date bathroom remodel trends so you get the latest designs, styles, color palettes, fixtures and finishes in your new bathroom. Here we look at the upcoming bathroom design and remodel trends for 2017, so you can welcome in the new year with the style and comfort of a brand new bathroom.


simplicity in remodelingThe two most defining shifts in interior design trends for 2017 are simplicity, and a more natural, organic influence. The shift towards simplicity is part of a larger trend towards minimalism that has been prevailing over the last few years and defines the clean, modern and streamlined look we have come to favor in modern design. Bathroom remodel design for 2017 is characterized by the trimming of the unnecessary and keeping it to the bare essentials, with simple design that lets other aspects of the bathroom such as materials, colors and fittings really shine.

Return to Nature

Complementing 2017’s simpler and more streamlined design is a return to the use of more natural and organic inspired materials and textures in bathroom remodels. The previously popular smooth but cold materials and finishes like marble and metallics such as copper and rose gold are beginning to be phased out in favor of nature inspired materials like wood, cork, stone, and deep green color palettes. Innovative and interesting faucet design brings a focus to the flow of water in the bathroom, and bathroom remodels of 2017 will feature living indoor plants to bring greenery and energy into the bathroom space.

Darker Colors and Bolder Combinations

While soft and muted beige, whites, pastels and grays have been a mainstay of bathroom remodels and interior design for a while now, 2017 will see the addition of bolder colors such as deep forest greens and jewel tones, as features to liven up interiors and provide interest and contrast. Bold colors create unmatched elegance and luxury when used sparingly and appropriately in the bathroom, and contrasting these bolder colors with white and gray in paint, tiling and fixture choices can add depth and intrigue to your bathroom remodel.

Floating Vanity and Mirrorsminimalist design

Being minimalistic, streamlined and modern in its nature, the floating vanity or bathroom mirror is not going anywhere soon. With bathroom design for 2017 focusing on the cleanest lines and minimalistic design, trimming down vanities to just a mirror and a sink is becoming more popular. Whether the mirror is hanging or mounted, includes storage space, or features open shelving next to or underneath it, the floating vanity will remain a popular choice for the 2017 bathroom remodel.

Minimalist Design For Smaller Spaces

With spaces getting more compact (particularly in bathrooms) and the need for highly functional and versatile design, the minimalist style for 2017 bathroom remodels will continue to increase in popularity. This is particularly true for bathrooms in smaller homes where space for extra features and fixtures is hard to come by. But applying minimalist principles to a smaller powder room or even a larger main bathroom helps to attain the sleek, flawless look gaining popularity for 2017.

If you’re thinking of starting a bathroom remodel soon, talk to your remodel contractor about the up and coming bathroom trends for 2017 and how you can incorporate these dynamic and innovative designs into your new bathroom.