4 Practical Tips on How to Save Money On A Kitchen Remodel

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4 Practical Tips on How to Save Money On A Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. It’s where you welcome your guests and enjoy family time. Because it’s such an important space, you surely want it to look its best. But kitchens can be one of the most expensive areas of a home to remodel. This is due to the materials needed, as well as labor costs. The good news, though, is that you can remodel your kitchen on a budget and still enjoy a fantastic result. The aim is to make smart choices without sacrificing the outcome. With that in mind, here are four cost-saving kitchen ideas you can try…

Refresh Your Cabinets Instead of Replacing Them

Instead of tearing out existing cabinets and completely replacing them, you can consider refreshing existing ones. This is not only inexpensive but also an eco-friendly way to upgrade the look of your kitchen.

Here are some tips on how to save money on kitchen remodel through refurbishing existing cabinets:

  • Painting – This is a classic method of updating cabinets. The process starts with sanding, priming, and then painting. To be honest, this can be time-consuming, depending on the number of cabinets you want to repaint. However, it is simple enough, and anyone can achieve great results with a little patience and time.
  • Refacing – Maybe your cabinets are worn out on the surface, and painting them will not hide these scuffs. In this case, the best option is to reface them. This means adding a new veneer to the outside surface and entirely replacing the drawer fronts and doors. The refacing process can be more difficult for DIYers since it requires specialized knowledge and tools, but you can call the experts at Building Pros to do the job for you. It’s still a more affordable way to upgrade the look of your kitchen cabinets than getting new ones.
  • Replacing Hardware – In addition to changing the finish of your cabinets, you can also consider updating the hardware parts, such as the handles and knobs. This can make your existing cabinets look brand new.
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Opt for Open Shelving

If you would like to give your kitchen an entirely new look, you can consider replacing your closed cabinets with open shelves. This not only creates an interesting space, but will likely be relatively low in cost.

Open shelving enables you to display everyday dishes in an amazing, eye-catching manner. What’s more, they are easier to paint, and you can use them as a way to add color to your kitchen.

Keep Your Appliances Where They Are

Moving gas or plumbing lines can be very expensive since it involves tearing out some portions of the wall. If your appliances are in functional positions, then it may be a more budget-friendly choice to simply leave them where they are.

If you want to upgrade them, you can ask a local contractor if they know an appliance store that offers appliances at discounted prices.

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Think Twice Before Doing Work Yourself

You may be able to do some remodeling projects yourself. However, think twice before taking the DIY route. Attempting a home remodeling project yourself may wind up costing you much more time and money than hiring a professional in the first place. If you have any doubts, always call in a professional. Doing work yourself that later needs to be fixed will always cost you more in the long run.

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It’s important to have a plan for how to remodel your kitchen before you get started. This will help you identify areas that need to be upgraded and will help you spend your money as wisely as possible.

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