Home Remodeling Trends You Can’t Miss in 2021

home remodeling trends

Home Remodeling Trends You Can’t Miss in 2021

While we can’t see the future with a crystal ball, we’re sure 2021 is the year for exciting home remodeling projects. Since most of us are spending hours in the virtual world for online classes and remote jobs, why not make your home more livable? Here are some of the top trends you don’t want to miss this year!

Design a Creative Home Office

While most of us are now working from home, consider building a special workspace to boost your productivity and creativity. Make your home office more useful with a design that compliments your daily tasks. For instance, repurpose cabinets and shelves so all of your office supplies and work tools are within easy reach. This is a great way to stay organized, which is the key to getting everything done.

Instead of plain walls, why not add a built-in bookcase? And, of course, don’t forget to install some new windows to bring more natural light into your office. A window by your desk is perfect.

A More Modern Family Room

The family room is usually the main area homeowners use for big dinners and indoor gatherings. While none of that is happening during the pandemic, 2021 is a good year to prepare your home for future events. Even if you aren’t fond of hosting, it’s still nice to have a cozy family room for your own enjoyment.

A professional remodeling contractor can help you design a more functional family room that meets all of your needs.

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Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces

Why stop at indoor living areas when you can extend your home to the backyard patio? One hot design tip is to make an extension that leads to a patio area from the living room. These days, sliding doors have improved in both design and quality, so it’s easier to open entire wall sections. If you want a new area to unwind, you can make an indoor-outdoor living space possible with this creative remodeling trend.

Expand Your Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are still one of the most popular projects in ca2021, and kitchen islands are trending in a big way. Some homeowners are even doubling up on them. Love to cook? This is a great way to create extra counter and storage space. Some islands even include sinks or built-in cooktops or grills that make the cooking experience lively and interactive. Kitchen islands can also add some extra casual seating options, too, if you invest in bar stools.

All in all, this extended kitchen design helps bring your family together in a creative and fun way.

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Key Takeaway

Whether you’re building a brand new house or sprucing up a room, these trends are sure to transform your home. Just make sure that you’re hiring the right remodeling company to achieve your vision for your home.

If you’re in the East Bay Area, Building Pros is a company you can trust. Our skilled team of remodelers can bring these remodeling trends to life. Get started today by calling us at (925) 257-4765!