5 Benefits of Choosing A Diamond Certified Home Remodel Contractor

5 Benefits of Choosing A Diamond Certified Home Remodel Contractor

With an explosion in the home remodeling market, and property prices strong in the Bay Area, the trend towards remodeling existing homes isn’t going anywhere soon. With more homeowners taking on a remodel project, from the humble bathroom remodel to the whole house remodel, there are more home remodel contractors to choose from than ever before. Homeowners face the difficult task of choosing the right remodel contractor for their vision and their requirements.

The Diamond Certified program has been developed as a way to objectively identify leaders and outstanding providers in a particular field of service. When it comes to choosing the right home remodel contractor for you, the Diamond Certified logo is a symbol of trust and quality that can help you identify a highly qualified remodeler. Here we take a look at the five key benefits that choosing a Diamond Certified contractor can provide for your remodel.


Diamond Certified Kitchen remodeler

Highest Industry Standards

Diamond Certified contractors are selected on the basis of meeting a strict set of criteria that ensures the highest quality of work, and the utmost in customer service. Diamond Certified remodel contractors must achieve and maintain a score of 90+ on a 100 point scale of quality standards, as judged by an objective external body. This high level of quality can only be achieved by a few, which means those exemplary remodel companies holding Diamond Certification will stand above the rest.


Client Endorsed

Diamond Certified companies also receive ratings based on the feedback of actual clients who have used their services. These customers are randomly selected to review the company in order to provide the most accurate and unbiased rating. Because Diamond Certified status relies on the feedback of actual customers, it provides a better indication of what it would actually be like to work with a Diamond Certified contractor, and how well your contractor meets their client’s needs.

Diamond Certified Kitchen remodeler

Quality Guarantee

The Diamond Certification represents excellence, and this high quality standard is guaranteed by the process of obtaining Diamond Certification. All remodel contractors who have been awarded the Diamond Certification have undergone stringent quality checks, and will always hold proper licensing, insurance and bonding. The Diamond Certification is also a guarantee of quality. In the rare event that any issue with your remodel project arises, your Diamond Certified remodeler is committed to correcting the issue, and ensuring your happiness is always guaranteed.

Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

In order to maintain Diamond Certified status, it’s not enough that a company simply fulfills the certification criteria once. Diamond Certified companies are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure they maintain the highest quality standards in their industry. The Diamond Certification process ensures that research into the customer service and performance of a remodel contractor is ongoing, so you know you’re always receiving the highest quality.

Trusted Professional Network

Diamond Certified companies represent a trusted network of professional leaders in each field of service, ranging anywhere from plumbers to interior designers. If your Diamond Certified remodel contractor needs to invite another professional to assist with your remodel project, you can be assured that they will choose to work with a professional of equally high quality standards and service.

The Diamond Certified logo is a symbol of the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship within a particular industry. By choosing a Diamond Certified remodel contractor, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with an accredited and certified industry leader when it comes to working on your remodel project.