The 5 Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Danville Home Remodeler

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The 5 Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Danville Home Remodeler

Choosing the right contractor can make the difference between a successful Danville home renovation project, and a disaster you’ll be fuming about to friends and family for decades to come. But for those who are new to home renovation, the actual steps to finding, vetting, and hiring the right contractor can be a mystery. If that’s you, you’ll want to keep these five incredibly important considerations in mind for choosing a great home remodeling contractor.

1. The Best Re-modelers Work through Referrals

One reason finding a great general contractor can be tough is that the best workers are constantly busy thanks to referrals. Each time they complete a project and leave behind a satisfied customer, that customer tells their friends and co-workers, who then call the contractor and work with them in the future.

Unfortunately for those looking for a contractor, this also means the best contractors are typically not the ones buying billboards or mailing out flyers. To find them, ask around and see who your neighbors and acquaintances have used in the past and if they liked the work. You should also check online reviews relating to any candidates, and look into their certifications, licenses, and their BBB profile.

2. The More Specifics You Have, the Better Their Estimates Will Be

Price estimates can be tricky, and while a generic remodel cost estimator can get you in the right ballpark, your contractor will always be able to give you more accurate numbers. However, contractors (no matter how experienced) aren’t mind readers. If they don’t have enough information to go on, they won’t be able to give you accurate numbers in return.

So, In order to help them (and yourself) out, it’s important to be as detailed and clear as possible regarding your decisions, wants, needs, materials, and more. If you are committed to a particular countertop or flooring material with a high price point, this will allow your contractor to include those extra costs from the start—and to suggest similar, more affordable, or more durable options you may want to consider.

3. The Lowest Bidder May Not Be the Right Choice

You get what you pay for, and that means that abnormally low bids for a project should immediately raise red flags. Are they going to rush through the work? Use cheap materials? Get the measurements right?

When it comes to your house, you can’t afford cut-corners or half-measures, so choose a contractor who charges you what they’re worth and does good work that you won’t regret.

4. Payment Schedules Shouldn’t Be Contentious

Paying your contractor shouldn’t be difficult, and if they make it so you may want to reconsider your choice. Generally, you pay 10% up front and the remaining amount in 25% increments spaced throughout the project. The last 15% is turned over when the project is completely finished.

If a contractor asks for 50% up front (with or without promises of deep discounts for one reason or another in exchange) it means something funny is probably going on.

5. It’s Not Just About the Work, It’s About The Way They Work

If you’re torn between two contractors who both get great results, try to find out how they both operate during the construction itself. Will they come and go unexpectedly, working into late hours when you need the house to yourself or your family? Do they take efforts to protect your home’s entryways and hallways when they’re on the move? Do they raise dust and leave your home difficult to breathe in?

You deserve to be comfortable during your project, and satisfied with the results afterwards. The small team at Building Pros works hard to deliver a signature “clean remodel” with minimal dust and disruption to your life, and we go above and beyond to make sure that each of our customers are satisfied. If you would like references, we would be happy to refer you to prior customers in your area. Call 925.838.7767 today!