Family-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019

Family-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019

Family-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 2019

Whether it’s to grab a quick breakfast, cook a sumptuous dinner spread, or just touch base, many families consider their kitchen the central hub of their home. Kitchen renovations are often done to make sure this special spot stays comfortable, stylish, and organized.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen soon, below are some of the best kitchen renovation ideas this 2019 your family will surely love.

Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Marble counters work as a great accent to any kitchen. The only downside is they stain–and it’s not really fun to be constantly asking others to quickly wipe up spills. Tile is also not a good idea but if you must have it, make sure to use forgiving dark-colored grout instead of light ones.

Engineered quartz, Corian, and stainless steel are some of the easiest-to-clean countertop materials. If you’re okay with inevitable scratches, butcher block also works well.

Touch-Free Fixtures

Most kids have difficulty turning faucets on and off. They can also kick on hot water accidentally, which could lead to serious scalding. The solution: touch-free faucets. These fixtures can be pre-set to a safe temperature level that can be altered once the faucet is on.

Under-the-Counter Fridge

For older kids, one great way to make them feel more confident in the kitchen is by installing a bar fridge or under-the-counter fridge outside of the work triangle. You can also dedicate the bottom part of the drawer or shelf to them–filling it with healthy food if the kids need an after-school snack.

Dedicated Space

Family-Friendly Kitchen Renovation Ideas for 20191The kitchen can be a hazardous area, especially when someone is using the stove or working with boiling liquids. Create a small area where kids can observe you without being an obstruction. A kitchen island or table is an excellent way to separate the kitchen from a homework area or play zone, while still allowing you to keep an eye on your kids when cooking.

Rounded Edges

The material should not be your only concern when selecting countertops. We recommend homeowners who have younger kids to choose a countertop style with a rounded edge. This reduces the chances of sustaining serious injuries in case their heads bump against the counters–a common accident that occurs in most homes.

Accessible Pantry

Got extra space in your kitchen? Then a walk-in pantry would be an excellent addition. Members of your family won’t have a hard time finding what they need. Plus, it will help them do a better job at organizing the groceries without your help. A spacious pantry also minimizes countertop clutter–making your kitchen look cleaner and bigger.

With careful planning and the right help, you can achieve the family-friendly kitchen you’ve always wanted. Kitchen renovations require valuable resources like time and money. To make sure you get the most out of your project, always get help from a professional. Remember: home remodelers can help you make a nice space where you can clean, cook, convene with your family, and perform other daily tasks without the stress of putting everything together on your own.