How Much Work Goes Into a Full Custom Kitchen Remodel?

How Much Work Goes Into a Full Custom Kitchen Remodel

How Much Work Goes Into a Full Custom Kitchen Remodel?

A luxury kitchen serves as the center of social gatherings and family life–making it one of the most commonly-remodeled areas of the home. However, many homeowners don’t realize that custom kitchens are a major undertaking, requiring a lot of planning and work.

Fortunately, you don’t need to break the bank to make your kitchen look elegant and stylish. Whether you’re just getting new kitchen cabinets or planning to buy new appliances too, it’s important to know how much work goes into a full custom kitchen remodel.


Just like any home improvement project, custom kitchens begin with a well-thought-of plan. Budgets are set and the space is measured in detail by the contractor. This is also the stage where the contractor starts applying for building permits.

With the help of a designer, the homeowner plans the project according to their wants, needs and budget. Before selecting kitchen cabinets, appliances, and other items needed for the remodel, the designer will present an initial design that will be revised until it matches the homeowner’s goals and vision.

Finalization of Plans/Task Assignments

How Much Work Goes Into a Full Custom Kitchen Remodel1The finalized plan indicates who will be responsible for each part of the project. A timeline is set and a date for when the remodel should be completed is scheduled. By doing this, you can avoid any miscommunication and delays in the future.

Product Ordering

Once the plan has been finalized, the shopping and ordering of products for the remodel kicks off. Depending on the scope of the project, this could take several months. New products are inspected and stored in a safe place, and a temporary kitchen for the homeowner is built.


During the rough construction stage, the existing kitchen is demolished. Current flooring, lighting, appliances, countertops, and cabinets are deconstructed. This stage is also when workers start building out structural features and framing the kitchen space. In addition, utility rough-in work (plumbing, mechanical, and electrical) are completed during this phase.

Finish Construction

This is practically the final stage and, for many homeowners, also the most satisfying of the entire kitchen remodeling project.

This is the part when all new items are installed in the kitchen area. New cabinets are added and countertops are installed. It will then be followed by the installation of lighting and appliances. Finishing touches are done, including  crown molding, paint touch-ups, and other details.

Cleaning Construction Zone

After marvelling at the beauty of your newly remodeled kitchen, cleanup will come next. The room and ventilation system are cleared of dust and debris. Cabinets are wiped down, and hauling away your garbage dumpsters is scheduled. Once the cleaning process is finished, that’s the time when you can unpack your items and organize them in your new kitchen.

There’s no doubt that a fresh new kitchen will spruce up your home and increase its value. Remodeling custom kitchens can often take months, involving lots of headaches along the way. However, adding custom cabinets, improving fixtures, and upgrading the kitchen’s design through remodeling is a project worth the time, money, and effort. By fully understanding the steps that go into the process, you can avoid being overwhelmed once the project officially begins.