A 7-Step Kitchen Remodel Checklist for Homeowners

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A 7-Step Kitchen Remodel Checklist for Homeowners

Whether you’re entertaining or cooking kitchens tend to be crowded gathering places, especially during celebrations. Could you use a little more space? Kitchen remodeling is the best way to update the heart of your home. Use our kitchen remodel checklist to make a plan for your favorite room in the house. Let’s get started!

Set Priorities and Expectations

While planning a home improvement project like this, first take a look at what bothers you most about your current kitchen. From there, you can begin to explore ideas on how to make your space more functional.

Ultimately, this is a good time to set some priorities. What’s your vision? Better design? New appliances? More space? Also, consider how much time you have to devote to this remodeling project, so you can plan for a completion date.

What’s Your Budget?

At some point, your dream kitchen and your budget need to come together, so you can work out the details. Your kitchen remodel checklist can include elements you’re set on having, as well as things that would be nice but are less important to your design. Does your kitchen need flooring, or would a new finish have the desired effect? These are the kinds of questions to think about if you’re staying within a firm budget.

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Choose a Design Style or Color Palette

If you’re not sure where to start, a professional can help you choose materials and colors that fit the overall design of your home. Don’t be afraid to ask for some insider tips!

Account for Logistics

Logistics are another thing to account for in your kitchen remodel checklist. You can verify the availability of materials and shipping times to make sure your remodeling project stays on track. Connect with your contractor to know what to expect.

Anticipate Obstacles

With any home improvement project, there are bound to be a few snags. In particular, building codes change every few years. Because of this, it’s important to hire an experienced contractor who knows the codes and who can guide you through the process. Will you need gas lines rerouting? Can you use the existing wiring? These are important things to consider that a good contractor can help with.

Get Creative

There are so many looks and design trends. People are always coming up with something fresh and unexpected. If you want an original look, think outside of the box in order to achieve a style that’s right for your home. It’s all up to your imagination, from glass panel cabinets to rustic, repurposed floors.

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Choose Kitchen Materials

One of the most lasting decisions you’ll make is in regards to the materials you select for your kitchen remodel. For instance, it’s not often you update your countertops. With that in mind, opt for quality and durability.

Your Professional Kitchen Remodel Checklist

Kitchen remodeling is not as easy as it seems at first glance, but the design opportunities are endless. Why not let our Building Pros help? Leave the kitchen remodel checklist to us. Your stress-free remodeling experience begins right here. Contact us at (925) 257-4765 to get started today!