Planning a Kitchen Remodel: Where Do You Start?

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Planning a Kitchen Remodel: Where Do You Start?

At Building Pros, we love the effect a great kitchen can have on a home, serving as to a crossroads and meeting place where families are eat, play, and grow. But because so much happens in the modern kitchen beyond simple cooking, it can make kitchen remodeling a special challenge.

Of course, just because it may be a challenge doesn’t mean you should give up on the kitchen of your dreams. You just need to dare to take the first few steps.

Step 1. Prioritize


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Instead of worrying about colors, designs, or inconvenient walls, take some time first and consider, with pen and paper, what exactly you want to do in your new kitchen. There are a few questions you can ask yourself to help:

  • Entertaining: do you frequently host events?
  • Cooking: how elaborately and frequently do you make meals for yourself or your family?
  • Workspace: When someone needs a flat workspace, will they want the kitchen counter?
  • Storage: How much food do you keep on hand and how many family members will you need cups and plates for?

Deciding on what you want your new kitchen to accomplish can help direct the rest of your design process and let you (and your contractors and designers) know whether you need a lot of counter space, open lines for entertaining and conversation, extra prep or storage space, more cabinetry, high-end appliances, and more. Once you have your priorities, the rest falls into place.

Step 2. Budget

Next it’s time to make some estimates and begin the process of balancing what you want, and what you can afford.

Of course, as a homeowner you probably don’t have a clear idea of how much labor, counters, or cabinetry cost. But knowing how much you are willing to spend is an important place to start, as it will allow your contractor or interior designer to quickly and easily tell you what is and is not possible at your price point.

The feedback you receive may cause you to up your budget (remember, a majority of the value of the work comes back to you in home value), downsize the scope of your remodel, or delay the project until you can save up more money to do it right.

Step 3. Find a Good Contractor

Get your dream kitchen today with custom remodeling and renovation work from Building Pros, serving parts of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Get your dream kitchen today with custom remodeling and renovation work from Building Pros, serving parts of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.


A good residential contractor does more than swing a hammer, and it’s hard to underestimate the positive impact a committed, creative,experienced team will have your remodel project. For instance, the team here at Building Pros of Danville, CA helps navigate clients through remodel process from start to finish, with samples, design services, ordering, construction, cleanup, and a warranty on our work.

Ask your friends and neighbors who have worked with us before, view our gallery, and check our reviews. You’ll see what a difference our experience, diamond-certified customer service, and clean construction practices can make.

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