The 10 Hottest Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2016

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The 10 Hottest Bathroom Remodeling Trends in 2016

A great bathroom is paradise, a place where you can feel comfortable and at peace as you prepare for the morning blitz, or relax in some hot water after a long day. But bathrooms don’t age well and that means that far too many of us are living with dated, dingy, or even disgusting bathrooms on a daily basis.

If that’s you, it’s time to check an online bathroom remodel cost estimator and see if an upgrade is in your budget. Then take a look a look at these top 10 hot bathroom trends for 2016 for the direction or inspiration you’ll need.

1. In-Bathroom Media

The world gets a little more digital and a little more wired every day, and the trend is creeping into bathroom design as well. Instead of old-fashioned shower radios that eat batteries, today’s bathrooms are being designed with waterproof speakers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and flat screen TVs perfect for catching up on a great TV show from your bathtub.

2. No-Threshold Showers

As the population ages, more and more bathroom design is starting to change in response. Showers designed without thresholds eliminate a very common tripping hazard for older individuals and they’re also much easier to clean and less likely to mold. When combined with glass walls, the effect is surprisingly seamless and elegant.

3. Smart, Open Storage

Open shelving started in the kitchen and it’s since moved into the bathroom to great effect.  Open shelves are perfect for holding perfectly folded towels, a selection of guest toiletries, or a built-in hamper. Just be sure you have a few closed cabinets around for your personal toiletries.

4. Trough Sinks

Freestanding, extra-long sinks are a perfect solution for a problem that’s plagued married couples for centuries. Instead of sharing a single sink or doubling costs with his and hers sinks, the extra-long design looks modern and gives everyone plenty of room when they need it.

5. Deluxe Showers

Fully enclosed showers, or floor to ceiling glass showers are a fixture of honeymoon suites around the world, so it’s no surprise they’re more and more commonly appearing as part of home remodels and new construction. The seamless glass is easy to clean and the experience of using one is always memorable.

6. Square fixtures and Square Shower Heads

Contemporary design celebrates geometry and clean lines, including square fixtures. The shape adds a visual point of interest and looks unique and trendy when compared with traditional round designs.

7. Clean White Colors

When it comes to bathrooms, clean is everything. This makes white the color of choice for modern designs, often highlighted with a gentle accent color.

8. Water-Efficiency

Water conservation is here to stay, which makes water efficient sinks, toilets, and shower heads standard features for modern construction.

9. Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are retro, classy, and make a statement. Newer designs may harken back to traditional claw-foot designs, or take a new approach with soft curves, clean lines, and ergonomic design for the perfect soak.

10. Bold Tile Choices

There are more choices for new and exciting tile design today than ever before. Options include ceiling tiling, mosaics, 3D tiling, wood, stone, and much more.