5 Tips On Remodeling An Older Home

Remodeling An Older Home

5 Tips On Remodeling An Older Home

Despite historic homes being older, they are still highly prized for their character, quality and classic style. Older homes also need home remodeling over time, as electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures and other fittings and features need replacement or updates.

Remodeling an older home takes the special care of an experienced design build contractor to capture and retain the unique historic character, while also providing much needed technological and structural updates. Older homes can also be full of surprises, usually unwanted ones, and so remodel costs can increase when you’re dealing with an older home. Working on an older home will almost always require expert assistance. A qualified and experienced contractor will make your remodeling experience much more enjoyable and effective. Here we look at some tips for remodeling an older home, and how to be prepared for what it will take.

Be Prepared For Working On An Older Home

While the historic features, period trim and classic atmosphere make an older home easy to live in, the situation gets much more complicated once you decide to remodel. Remodeling an older home can become very involved and can take a long time, so it’s important to anticipate this and be prepared. Leave more time in your schedule in case something unexpected turns up that you need to work on.

It’s also a good idea to leave a 20% margin in your budget to cover extra costs that may turn up in the course of your remodel. You also have to appreciate and understand the limitations on older homes in terms of what can and can’t be done. Certain heating and cooling systems can be difficult to integrate in an older home. Be sure to discuss your expectation with your home remodel contractor to find the right fit for you.

Structural defects in foundation of building that need repairs.

Expect the Unexpected

Older homes can be full of surprises, and not always for the best. Many owners of older homes tear down walls only to find mold, asbestos or pests in the walls. Tearing up and replacing floors can also result in finding hidden layers of flooring upon flooring which may take significant time and cost to remove. These ‘surprises’ show why it is essential to be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to remodeling an older home.

Work With the Right Contractor

Remodeling an older home not only involves taking into account the unique style and design required, it also means accounting for the practical needs of remodeling an older home. Hiring a highly experienced, expert design build contractor is a requirement when working on an older home. An expert design build contractor can not only help you work on the best vision for your home, but has a deep knowledge and understanding of the structural, engineering and practical aspects of your older home.

If In Doubt, Start Small

One of the biggest problems with any whole home remodel – but particularly for an older home – is that the homeowners take on too much, too soon. This can quickly become an issue as costs and schedules spiral out of control. If it’s your first project on an older home or you’re just feeling unsure, it’s always better to start with something small, then gradually work bit by bit on what need to be done.

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Embrace Technological Innovation

Many homeowners are afraid of overriding the historicity of their older home by introducing technological advances. But if carefully considered and professionally installed, new technology can preserve your home while making it more comfortable. New kitchen appliances, plumbing and electrical work as well as heating and cooling systems can actually end up being better for your utilities bill and the environment while providing much needed updates to your home.

Updating and remodeling an older home can be more challenging than other home improvement projects. However, with extra care and consideration given to details, along with the expert assistance of an experienced remodel contractor, you can achieve an outstanding remodel for your timelessly stunning older home.