7 Important Improvements for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

7 Important Improvements for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

7 Important Improvements for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms of this age have evolved from merely functional to purposefully stylish, balancing panache and energy-efficiency in one room. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many homeowners view a first-time bathroom remodel as a fresh new experience to mark their intention for a long-term residency. While potentially expensive, your bathroom remodel can be a rewarding and refreshing endeavor.

These are seven key enhancements to level up your comfort in style:

1. Radiant Flooring

When it comes to remodeling bathrooms, remember prioritize ease and design above all else. Tiptoeing on cold, harsh bathroom floors is now a thing of the past. Radiant flooring is a heating system that, as the name suggests, keeps your floors warm—which means no more frozen toes whenever you forget your slippers. This upgrade is also quite practical; aside from keeping your feet toasty, the higher temperature also accelerates their drying time, effectively reducing the risk of slipping or sliding.

2. Heated, Fog-Free Shower Mirrors

You won’t have to struggle with fogged-up mirrors anymore with today’s advanced technology. Yes, even mirrors are getting upgrades that allow them to be both classy and functional.  Heated fog-free shower mirrors do exactly what their name suggests; they regulate temperature to keep the glass from fogging over. This can help make your daily shaving, hair styling, and makeup rituals much easier. Unfortunately, this means we’ll have to say goodbye to drawing smiley faces on fogged-up glass.

3. Textured Tiles

7 Important Improvements for Your Next Bathroom RemodelTextured tiles are aesthetically and functionally rewarding; they improve your bathroom’s visual appeal while increasing traction on your showers to avoid slipping and sliding. You can further improve them by choosing ones with stain-resistance grout, which can drastically reduce cleaning time. Remember to choose small tiles and match according to your style.

4. 2-Inch Shower Drain Pipe

Your bathroom’s drainage system is the most common victim of clogging. What else do you expect, with how frequently hair strands, bits of soap, blobs of shampoo, and dead skin cells get flushed down the pipe? The solution to avoid buildup? Bigger shower drain pipes. These enable homeowners to experience less frequent clogs.

Typical drains are 1.5 inches wide. With four people sharing one shower, is it any wonder how they clog up so easily? To give your pipes a fighting chance, opt for 2-inch shower drain pipes.

5. Tankless Toilets

Tankless toilets fit contemporary designs perfectly, and are capable of adding value to your home in an instant. Apart from their modern aesthetic, they’re also very practical. They take up less space than traditional toilet bowls and can lessen your water expense with their low-flow options.

6. Windows

Natural lighting is highly appreciated in interior design—especially in today’s energy-conscious society. Make use of windows as a source of natural light in the mornings and help reduce build-up of mildew and mold. The natural ventilation will also help maintain the humidity, effectively regulating bathroom odor.

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7. Vanity Lights

Since most bathrooms have no access to natural lighting, some choose to invest in vanity lights instead. Your vanity lights can dictate the mood and atmosphere of your bathroom, effectively influencing your bath time experience—very handy if you want to soak in the tub after a trying day. You can opt for dimmer lights to keep the mood relaxed and easy, or choose a softer glow for a more casual, relaxed feel.

Functionality and style are highly prized in today’s bathroom remodel designs. Keeping your bathrooms updated refreshes your perspective of your home, as well as your “me-time” comforts. Spending for the right kind of improvements will surely help you optimize space and energy, and add value to your already cozy home.