How to Create a Beautiful and Practical Guest Bathroom

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How to Create a Beautiful and Practical Guest Bathroom

If given a chance, a lot of homeowners wouldn’t mind spending a few thousand on a bathroom remodel. High-tech toilets, vanity lighting, and underfloor heating systems are just a few examples of slightly-pricey bathroom features that are currently widely sought after. A little indulgence never hurt anyone, and if the end design looks great, then why not?

However, spending a few thousand on remodeling the guest bathroom is a different story entirely.

The guest bathroom is very often overlooked. It’s usually that tiny, cramped bathroom down the hall from the guest bedroom or tucked under the stairs, and it’s rarely—if ever—touched upon. Chances are, the only time you pay attention to it is when you need to clean it. Otherwise, it’s a matter of out of sight, out of mind.

But even if you’re not primarily using it, you should still consider remodeling it—for the same reason that you clean it regularly even if you never have visitors: it’s a part of your home. How it looks is a direct reflection of you, as a host and as a homeowner. And like your main bathroom, the guest bathroom is also a factor that lends itself to your house’s overall aesthetic.

We’re not saying you should install high-tech toilets or brass-and-gold fixtures in the guest bathroom too. There are, after all, plenty of other ways you can make the guest bathroom pretty without breaking the budget.

Unique Tile Shapes

Bathroom remodelIt’s 2018. The typical bathroom floor design of two alternating colors won’t do anymore. A plain white, cream or beige floor made up of large square tiles is not minimalist; it’s just dull. If you want to spice up the guest bathroom’s look, try investing in unique tile shapes and designs. Think hexagons, diamonds, and arabesque.

Why settle for white or black when Moroccan fish scales and chevron patterns exist?

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Accent Walls or Floors

If you can’t afford to retile the entire bathroom, pick one wall and one area of the floor to retile. As they will be your accent pieces, opt for bold colors and patterns, crazy shapes and asymmetrical designs. In a room of white-tile walls, a sudden dark wood pattern is sure to stand out.

Smaller—But Prettier—Sinks

Instead of the standard white sink or wall-mounted basin, shop around for fun sink designs to add character to the room. They can be as small as you need them to be, as the creativity will detract from the size. Aquarium sinks, waterfall sinks, and pipe less sinks are authentic statement pieces that you can (and should) invest in.

Clean & Minimalist

While it may be tempting to add a few odds, and ends to the guest bathroom to add character, you should refrain from investing in unnecessary knick-knacks. And yes; we recognize the irony of this statement, given that we encouraged you to get an aquarium sink.

The big difference between a kooky sink and some cute “God Bless Our Home” wall art is that the sink lends itself to the overall usefulness and functionality of the room. It’s not just taking up space; it’s got a purpose. Remember, you’re working with insufficient space. Every feature counts.

Overall Efficiency

Contrary to what you might think, the guest bathroom’s tiny space is a point in its favor. Small-scale luxury is now something many people consider attractive, if not downright cozy, and a smaller but adequate bathroom remodel currently wins out over large bathroom floor plans with copious amounts of unnecessary space.

This means that you won’t need to expand the guest bathroom’s space to make it look comfortable. Instead, redesign the space in such a way that it seems clean and efficient rather than bare and cramped. Try swapping out the cabinets for shelving or investing in a space-saving walk-in shower.

If nothing else, this small-scale luxury trend has proven that you don’t need ridiculous amounts of space to create a beautiful bathroom. Efficiency, practicality, and cleverly-placed features can look just as appealing.