Bathroom Remodel Tips: 5 Designs Which Will Never Be Out of Style

Bathroom Remodel Tips 5 Designs Which Will Never Be Out of Style

Bathroom Remodel Tips: 5 Designs Which Will Never Be Out of Style

When renovating smaller areas in your home, it is crucial that the entire space is optimized for comfort and design—especially for a bathroom remodel. You need to make sure that every square inch of that room is used wisely. Not an easy feat to accomplish, but that’s what professional home remodelers are for.

In fact, if your bathroom is starting to look a little too bland or dated for your tastes, it might be time for you to contact one.

A new year can mean a lot of things for a lot of people, but it’s usually associated with a fresh start and a change for the better. Are you ready to follow that flow and update your bathroom for a fresher, newer, and more functional model? Here are five great ideas to draw inspiration from.

1. Wooden Alternatives for Tiles

You don’t necessarily have to always choose tiles for the ceiling of your bathroom. Try mixing things up by using reclaimed wood panels, beadboard (another type of decorative wood panels), or board-and-batten siding for rich and classy tile alternatives.

Although wood requires more maintenance than other materials, if you’ve got the time and resources, it’s definitely worth it. You also get a warmer and more comforting vibe from it compared to plain, cold tiles.

2. Open Shelves

Bathroom Remodel Tips 5 Designs Which Will Never Be Out of Style1

While the bathroom is a private space, open shelving gives off an illusion of a bigger room in smaller square footage. It is also cheaper than cabinets – you just need a few covered baskets and drawers to house your private items. This also means that your collections of pretty soaps, colorful towels, essential oils, and other bathroom items can be put on display to help lighten the room.

3. A Pop of Color

Never underestimate what a small amount of colorful paint can do for your bathroom remodel. You can add life to an otherwise stilted room with a few cleverly-placed strokes of paint. Colorful vanity ornaments or a statement rug can easily give your bathroom the reboot it needs. If you properly coordinate hues with a detail in your bathroom (i.e. your tile work or mirror frame), it can give the room a whole new dimension.

4. Luxurious Lighting

Choosing an elegant finish on faucets can certainly make any bathroom look sophisticated, but why not take it up a notch? Consider installing luxurious lighting for your bathroom. Add vanity lighting to eliminate any shadows on your face or soft-colored lights to set a mood. You can also look into wiring setups or technologies that will allow you to control the temperature and intensity of the lights. You can also use a combination of wall sconces beside your mirror and LED recessed lights to adjust the brightness.

5. Framed Mirror

Builder-grade mirrors can be reinvented by adding a fantastic frame around it. You also have the option of buying a big hanging mirror for a more refined look. Frames can also hide flaking edges (typically happens as a mirror ages) and give the bathroom a more updated, ultramodern look.

Bathroom remodel tips are very handy when you are in charge of designing a bathroom from scratch. After all, it’s a task that can be so much more overwhelming than a simple bathroom makeover. Hopefully, the above tips gave you the inspiration you need to add a fresh twist to a small and compact space.

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