The Design Build Series: Is Design Build Right For Your Remodel?

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The Design Build Series: Is Design Build Right For Your Remodel?

In the last installment of our series “The Design-Build Process,” we looked at how to define a design build remodel and what some of the strengths of a design build remodel are. Some homeowners want the flexibility, diversity and scope that having a separate designer, architect and contractor offers. But most homeowners opt for the all-inclusive and versatile design build remodel contractor option, for an easier more streamlined process. Here we look more closely at how to tell if design build remodeling is appropriate for your project and what benefits you can expect when choosing a design build remodel contractor.

high quality, reliable design -Remodeling

High quality and reliable design are one of the many benefits of the design-build process.

You Want High Quality, Reliable Design

When you choose a design build contractor, you work with the same professional from the beginning of the planning stage, until the project is finished. This ensures consistency of vision and design throughout the remodel project. Design build contractors have an excellent familiarity with the most up to date, popular and successful current home designs that ensure you get an outstanding result.

If you use different professionals for the design and building stage of your project, the vision and plan for your remodel needs to be communicated between more than one professional, and this can lead to confusion, and a longer time until remodel completion.


You Want Efficiency and A Faster Move In

Working with one design build professional from start to finish also allows your remodel to be completed faster so you can move into your new home sooner. By cutting out extra designers, contractors and middle-men, your project is more efficient and streamlined. There are less parties to communicate with and coordinate, and with your design build contractor at the helm of your project, your remodel can progress quickly with less setbacks and delays.

You Want More Controlcontrol-427510_1920

If you want greater control over how your remodeling is planned and executed, working with a design build contractor can be the best choice. When you choose to work with a design build contractor, you work one on one with a design and construction professional and communicate your vision directly with them.

By having just one individual or one team to communicate with throughout the remodel process, you have a better opportunity to have your plans and ideas heard and a better platform for effective communication.

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You Want To Minimize Risk

Nobody wants to deal with a remodel that’s full of difficulties and issues. By working with just one design build remodel contractor, you minimize risk through a more streamlined process. If you decide to work with a separate designer, architect and contractor, there is a greater chance of miscommunication, errors and mistakes. Keeping it simple with a ‘one stop shop’ design build contractor means there’s less chance of errors creeping in and a lower risk of something going wrong.


If you want a more efficient, effective remodeling that captures your vision and is finished in less time, a design build remodel contractor is the ideal choice for your remodel project.