The Design-Build Series – Step 11: Finishing Your Design Build Journey

Living Room after a home remodel - remodeled home

The Design-Build Series – Step 11: Finishing Your Design Build Journey

At long last, your design build dream has become a reality. Raw sketches and rough draft blueprints have become the new rooms and spaces in your dream home. In the beginning of this journey and throughout the process of your design build, this day may have seemed like it would never come. Thanks to the hard work of your premium home remodel and design build contractor, and your creative vision, your remodeled home is now ready for you to enjoy. Here are the next steps to take as you begin a new journey in your beautiful new home.

Communicate with Your Contractor about the Completion Date

We have gone in great depth about the communication and relationship with your premium home remodel contractor. The communication at the end of your design build journey is just as important as any part of the process. Without a set date, you may be moving back into, or if you chose to stay at home during the remodel, adjusting back into your entire home while work is still being done. Establish a hard-line date for the completion of the home remodel, so that you can make plans accordingly, and not delay the process in anyway.

Choose A Contractor that Will Not Leave Your Home a Mess

Unfortunately, at the end of projects some contractors will complete the construction or design and leave your home very messy and littered with materials used during the design build. A premium home remodel contractor will monitor and maintain the state of your home throughout the design build process and will oversee the cleaning of the work areas and removal of any equipment and work materials at the completion of your design build.


Solar Tube Skylight in an open Kitchin/Living Room

Solar Tube Skylights are an Energy Efficient Lighting Option

A premium home remodel will be well-worth the amount of money you invested in your project. To continue returns on your investment, and to begin saving money, consider energy efficient and cost efficient appliances and materials in your home. Solar tube skylights are a reliable energy efficient lighting option. Natural light is quickly increasing in popularity in the home remodel and interior design communities. Solar tubes skylights are an energy-efficient natural light solution. Solar skylight tubes fully seal an opening to prevent heat losses and gains, shortening energy costs. Skylight tubes are celebrated for bringing daylight to almost any space within a home, even those without windows or natural light sources.

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Add Unique Decorations and Items to Your Newly Remodeled Home

Many decorative items and furniture used in homes are mass-produced in a ‘cookie cutter’ manner that can take away a personal and creative touch from a unique, newly remodeled home. Artisan furniture and designs are made in unique fashion by an experienced and dedicated craftsman. Carefully picked artisan-designed furniture and decorative items show off the commitment of their designer, as well as the taste of a homeowner.

Enjoy your Newly Remodeled Home or Space

The noise is gone, the dust has settled and has been swept away, the surfaces of your new space have all been carefully finished and your imagination has become the home you have always wanted. Take a step back and realize how far you and your premium home remodel contractor have come, and think about all of the enjoyment to come in your new home.