The Design Build Series – Step 7: The Premium Design Build Difference

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The Design Build Series – Step 7: The Premium Design Build Difference

By this point in the design build process, your remodel is well underway. It’s during the planning and construction process that choosing a high-quality design build remodel contractor determines the outcome of the process. Making the effort to choose a licensed, insured and experienced remodel contractor can mean the difference between a smooth and comfortable remodel, and a remodel that’s problematic, or even disastrous. Here we look at what to expect from a quality remodel contractor at this point in the design build process.

Providing a Price Plan

Guaranteed pricing and knowing what you’re really in for when you sign a remodel contract can give you peace of mind. High quality contractors can provide price plans that lock in your remodel plans and prices even before work begins. Experienced contractors are better able to estimate costs and provide this information upfront to their clients. This means you get the remodel result you want with no nasty surprises.

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Coordinating Quality Subcontractors

A high-quality contractor knows how to select and coordinate a team of equally qualified and experienced subcontractors to work as a team. During the course of your remodel you may need the specific skills of an electrician, plumber or another subcontractor. An experienced general contractor coordinates these subcontractors and ensures their work is scheduled properly, and of high quality.

Extended Warranties

Completing your remodel is one thing, but knowing that the work that you’ve had done will last is another. The highest quality contractors offer extended warranties to cover their work for up to ten years, so you can have peace of mind knowing your remodel investment is safe. As your contractor is completing your remodel, or better yet before construction even starts, ask you contractor what kinds of warranties they offer for different types of work.

‘No Surprises’ Guarantees

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While changes and modifications are often a part of a remodel, most homeowners would prefer to know what to expect beforehand. That’s why premium remodel providers offer guarantees that a remodel will cost the quoted price – and no more. It’s part of a unique approach to reestablish homeowner’s trust in remodel contractors and be completely upfront and inclusive with pricing. Price guarantees mean no changes, no additions, no modifications, and no shocks when you receive the invoice.

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State of the Art Communication Technology

Knowing exactly what’s happening with your remodel and staying up to date with progress, helps reduce stress and keep you at ease throughout your remodel. High quality remodel contractors are now implementing online communication systems so homeowners can stay in touch and keep an eye on the remodel progress, whether they are at home or out and about. Maintaining excellent communication throughout the remodel process helps homeowners stay relaxed and at ease, while contractors can continue to build and develop the new space.

Finding a truly great remodel contractor is becoming more of a challenge, but if your remodel contractor is providing the highest quality care throughout your remodel process, you can be assured that your remodel will be more smooth and stress free. Throughout the remodel process, check that your remodel contractor is able and willing to go above and beyond to provide the high standards of service and performance you expect.