I Want to do Kitchen Remodel. Where Do I Start?

A beautiful interior of a custom kitchen

I Want to do Kitchen Remodel. Where Do I Start?

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen? You’re not alone. With the modern-home trend of the great room, the movement toward health and home-cooking, and the restoration of the dinner party, Americans are starting to spend more time in the kitchen, as well as adjacent rooms that are open and that look into the kitchen. For this reason, many people opt to remodel this part of their homes first. Beautiful trends such as gray accents and bright color palettes are forcing those 90s tile countertops and cluttered shelving units into the past, where they belong.

Here is our checklist to help you get started with your kitchen remodel:

Make a list: what don’t you like about your kitchen?

If this is your first update and you don’t live in a house that is less than five years old, then the answer is probably “everything.” That’s okay, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to have to remodel the entire kitchen to make it feel the way you want it to feel. Start out by drawing up a list in order of the things you hate the most about your kitchen. Try to think concerning what will make the most significant difference if changed. Usually updating countertops and cabinet systems can do wonders for an outdated kitchen, but make your list as detailed as possible to give yourself options that will suit your budget.

I Want to do Kitchen Remodel. Where Do I Start?Think about a comprehensive design/style:

If you were to redo the entire kitchen, what would it look like? Modern and sleek, country farmhouse, industrial chic, Scandinavian, and many more (hint: sign up for Pinterest if you haven’t already).

What color scheme would you use?

Grays and yellows? Turquoise and neutrals? Colors will be easier to choose once you figure out what style you like and spend some time on the Internet.

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How would the lighting be?

The movement today is toward bright, open spaces, using LED or some form of an energy-saving lighting system. Although there is an initial cost, low-energy lighting will save you money in the long run (and its good for the environment!). A good variety of lighting systems, such as a monorail with a few pendant lights, and some under cabinet lights can create a serene atmosphere. But you don’t need to go all out if you don’t want – whatever you choose will look a million times better than the fluorescent lighting that came with the house.

What materials would you use?

Granite, tile, and laminate countertops can keep even the most beautiful kitchens into a state of antiquity.  Durable and eco-friendly options such as butcher block, soapstone, engineered stone, and even concrete are a very modern-looking trend. Cabinets, also a notorious offender, are very expensive to replace, so we recommend that you opt for the cheaper option of repainting them (which can make all the difference in the world) or, if we’re talking ugly, resurfacing them. New silver hardware will finish the look.

One final recommendation to starting your kitchen remodel would be to find the right contractor for the job. Don’t be afraid to shop around. Look for someone who is willing to walk you through the remodeling process and take you through it, step-by-step. Make sure it is someone you can build a trusting relationship with and that they fully understand your vision.

The kitchen is a great place to hang out while cooking dinner and visiting with friends over a bottle of wine or helping your children with their homework. Once you do a little bit of research on your own, look around for a highly rated remodel company that will come out and give you a detailed, transparent quote. You shouldn’t avoid it just because its ugly and outdated – update your kitchen and make it a place where everyone can enjoy being, and most importantly enjoy being with each other.