5 Factors Which Can Affect the Completion of a Bathroom Remodel

5 Factors Which Can Affect the Completion of a Bathroom Remodel

5 Factors Which Can Affect the Completion of a Bathroom Remodel

Home improvement projects can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of months to complete, depending on what you’re having done. A bathroom remodel tends to be one of the more versatile projects since the actual timeline is dependent on so many variables.

Planning a bathroom remodel of your own? Then heads up! These five sneaky situations could affect your remodeling timeline.

Scope of the Bathroom Remodel

5 Factors Which Can Affect the Completion of a Bathroom RemodelYour bathroom remodel timeline will depend on whether you want a quick bathroom makeover or a more extensive full bathroom remodel.

Simply retiling your bathroom or installing a new shower enclosure will take much less time than creating a completely new bathroom from scratch. The former is often referred to as a “bathroom makeover”—a remodeling project that takes minimal time, resources, and labor.

With a bathroom makeover, the structure, setting, and frame of the original bathroom are kept intact. The changes are mostly cosmetic; installing new tiles, refreshing the paint, swapping out the furniture, replacing the vanities, and so on. There aren’t any sort of changes made to the floor plan, walls don’t need to be knocked down, and electric/plumbing systems stay as they are.

Full bathroom remodels, on the other hand, do exactly what bathroom makeovers don’t. There’s a demolition and physical expansion involved, and the plumbing or electrical system may need to be changed.

A project of this scope requires more resources, labor, and, of course, time.

Unplanned Repairs

The problem with some houses (especially older ones) is the structural issues that aren’t visibly evident at a glance. Even a fine, sturdy wall can rot on the inside due to moisture build-up or termite infestations. And what seems like a purely decorative pillar can be load-bearing.

If a structural problem occurs during the actual bathroom remodel, your remodeling team will need a couple of extra days (maybe even a week) to repair it. In fact, some companies don’t even include intensive or structural repair in their bathroom remodeling services, in which case you’d have to call a completely different team to have it fixed.

This doesn’t often happen—especially if your remodeling team did a thorough inspection of your bathroom beforehand—but it does happen. And if it does, it’s a noticeable delay that can stretch your project timeline even further.

Lack of Supplies

This is yet another uncommon remodeling emergency, but it still happens. Should supplies run out in the middle of the remodel, new orders will have to be placed for fresh batches.

Even if the supplies are coming from a manufacturer or supplier two hours away from you, this is still a major event that can affect the completion of your bathroom remodel. What more if it’s two days or more away from you?

This scenario can be avoided by ordering extra supplies ahead of time (but still within a professional’s recommendation) or having everything triple-checked by your remodeling contractors. Experienced remodelers usually know how to estimate how much supplies and materials you’ll need accurately.

Choice of Material

5 Factors Which Can Affect the Completion of a Bathroom RemodelOn the topic of materials, what you choose for your bathroom remodel can also affect your project timeline—especially the flooring. Different materials will have different installation requirements, and these different installation requirements will result in different completion times.

Type of adhesives, grout, curing time, and installation prep work are just some factors the remodeling team will need to consider.

Heavier countertops and fragile furniture will also need to be carefully shipped and handled, which could extend the timeline even more.

Last-Minute Requests/Change Orders

And last, but certainly not least, we have last-minute requests or change orders. This is something no one—not the homeowner, and certainly not the remodeling contractor—wants to deal with. Unfortunately, they happen. Sometimes, the colors look different in real life, or the lighting is brighter than they expected, or the materials don’t “suit the space.”

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Whatever the reason may be for choosing something else entirely at the last minute, there’s no doubt these change orders can seriously affect your bathroom remodel timeline.

This is why it’s best to work closely with your home remodeling contractors during a bathroom remodel. Seasoned professionals can help guide you during critical design choices, as well as advise you against potentially risky remodeling decisions.