7 Home Remodeling Projects that Will Increase the Value of your Home

home remodeling projects

7 Home Remodeling Projects that Will Increase the Value of your Home

Planning to sell your home? Invest in home remodeling and guarantee your spot in the real estate market. While sentimental value has its perks, your memories with your house won’t hype up your property’s market value. You need to make practical, visible improvements. It can be a daunting, demanding task, but think of it as a parting gift for your home and your last project as its homeowner.

Here are seven ways to improve your property and its value.

Improve your landscape

Landscaping doesn’t always have to mean professional help and expenses. Landscaping improvements can be as simple as cleaning up your lawn. In a market where quality and aesthetics are your gears in combat, boasting a clean and well-maintained lawn and yard can mark the difference between zero to countless buyers.

Being the first area that welcomes your potential buyer, your lawn needs to make a great first impression. Keep it mowed and manicured to perfection, complete with trimmed hedges and clean gutters. Remember, first impressions matter in the real estate market!

A Fresh Coat of Paint

So many people underestimate how much of an impact a fresh coat of paint can give your home. It can make the walls look newer and more structured, it can cover up any wear and tear suffered by your exteriors, and—in some cases—can make the house itself more aesthetically desirable. To ensure maximum value, choose colors that are timeless and tasteful, such as solid neutrals or soft creams, rather than shades that are trending.

Get a porch installed

If your home doesn’t already have one, get yours installed! Porches are like buffers to your actual comfort space—the inside of your home—and they need to be as promising as your interior to catch a buyer’s attention. You can get started with the installation while you brainstorm for furnishing ideas with Pinterest and design magazines.

Spruce up your kitchen

home remodelingKitchen remodeling is the most popular way to add value to your home. You can start by updating your countertop materials. You can choose natural stones like slate, granite, and soapstone. Plastic laminate, ceramic tile, or even wood are other popular choices.

Also check your kitchen fixtures if they’re in line with the overall style of the kitchen to keep the smooth flow of design. You can improve wooden cabinets by applying fresh coats of paint or varnish. Try out steel-made appliances and fixtures as they are more versatile in design and are considered high-end.

Upgrade your bathroom

Your bathrooms upgrades follow kitchen improvements in adding value to your real estate. You can improve them with fixtures like faucets, showers, and sinks. Make sure your improvements resonate with the vibe and style you wish for your home to radiate, to avoid awkward visual disconnect. Apart from the comfort it has to offer, bathroom remodeling should also be a spectacle of quality and style.

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Get your floors pumped

If you’ve been living in your home for some time, your flooring has obviously experienced wear and tear—or aesthetic degradation, at the very the least. You can invest in flooring installations to help modernize your home. Today, wood flooring is considered the best option—quality and aesthetic-wise. 

Upgrade fixtures

Upgrading overall fixtures in your home like wall cabinets, faucets, doors, and knobs can also help increase your home’s market price. Keeping the design maintained throughout your home is a must to achieve a harmonious feel. Updated fixtures are considered a sign of a well-maintained living space and show great potential for future reinventions for the buyers.

Your home remodeling options will need some serious investments—time and financial resources-wise. If you intend to thrive in a competitive market, it’s imperative that you give buyers a bang for their buck. While your marketing rigor will help your future listing, your well-remodeled property will basically speak for itself.