Tips to Transform Your Kitchen and Bath When the Temperature Drops

Tips to Transform Your Kitchen and Home

Tips to Transform Your Kitchen and Bath When the Temperature Drops

Once the winter season begins, many homeowners are busy preparing for the holidays, and no one has the time and energy for any home improvement projects. However, did you know that these months are actually the best time for kitchen and bath remodeling? Winter renovations could be cheaper during the offseason, so it’s a good idea to spruce up your space now instead of waiting for the warmer months.

Below are a few tips to liven up your kitchen and bathroom during the colder months.

1. Consider heated bathroom floors.

One of the best ways to keep your bathroom warm and toasty during those chilly mornings is by investing in radiant-heat flooring. For those who don’t have an extra budget for such a major investment, you can talk to your trusted electrician about bathroom-safe heaters. These units can be turned on before you hit the bath or shower. In these cases, working with professionals is a must—never scrimp on safety when it comes to bathroom electronics.

2. Add color in your bathroom walls.

Many of today’s bathrooms are following the crisp white, minimalist trend, but it is surely not a requirement. Whether you’re working with paint, tile, or wallpaper, try to think out of the box and choose a different color for your walls instead of the usual white marble.

3. Update those boring countertops.

kitchen and bath remodelingUpdating your old countertops makes a huge difference if you want to change the appearance and overall feel of your kitchen. For a fraction of the cost of a complete kitchen renovation, you can update your entire space by simply revamping those countertops. Some of the most popular materials for countertops in the market right now include laminate, granite, quartz, and so on.

4. Do a mini-makeover for your kitchen cabinets.

Replacing kitchen cabinets can account for at least half of your remodeling budget. If this is not something you’d consider, you may do a mini-makeover instead. Reface your kitchen cabinets rather than having them completely replaced. This gives your kitchen a modern and fresh look that won’t drain your renovation budget.


5. Let in more light.

kitchen and bath remodelingBy letting in more light, you can make any space look bigger. Make the most out of natural light by adding skylights, windows, and a clear glass shower. If your main concern is privacy, you can add acid-etched glass or clerestory windows.

6. Change your kitchen backsplash.

There are many backsplash options to choose from—marble, mirror, glass, tile, and more. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary, rustic, cozy, or classic cottage feel, there is always a backsplash material to make that happen. Installing a new backsplash also allows you to ease into a kitchen remodel without breaking the bank.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling during Winter

While it may feel like the winter season will dampen your renovation spirit, lighter kitchen, and bath remodeling projects can work during this time. Any work will likely be finished cheaper and faster than in the summer months. Whether you’re planning a minor remodeling or a large scale renovation, tackling a home improvement project in the winter will be much easier by following the above tips.